The Ghost Ward Diaries

Electric Boys

Hurray for Sweden! Once again I'm totally blown away by another export of their's and […]
By Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois
December 11, 2018
Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries album cover

Hurray for Sweden! Once again I'm totally blown away by another export of their's and I ain't talking about my friends Volvo P1800, although that deserves a post all it's own. Electric Boys are another great example of a band classified i what I think is a misnomer, Hair Metal. I prefer to think of it more as Blues Metal and the entire CD is more evidence that this is a genre worth recognizing. Don't get me wrong, this isn't 3 cord my baby left me blues, this is bordering on soul music.

"Hangover in Hanover" starts off strong and only gets better. There have been mornings that my hangover was made worse just by the city I was in at the time (does Toronto ever shut up?) and Conny Bloom perfectly captures that kill me before I open my eyes moment. The bridge before the main chorus is brilliant and a tool they aren't scared to use. Need an anthem to sing? The corus to "There She Goes Again" is perfect for crowd participation. "You Spark My Heart" is a love song with enough punch to not be a ballad. I could almost see Gorge Clinton leading the boys on "Love is a Funny Feeling" with strings and back up girls singing along in a very funky vibe.

"Swampmotofrog" must be Swedish for "musical masturbation", because this fun instrumental gives nothing but pleasure including it's fun sounding name. "Rich Man, Poor Man" allows Franco Santunione to show off some slide guitar licks in a true blues rocker. "Knock Out by Tyson" got my mojo rising, only to be sucker punched by how well it kept me wanting more. "One of the Fallen Angels" fools you into thinking it's gonna be a ballad, then bam! Shout out to Andy Christell's bass sound! This album is fresh and bold, surprising you at every turn with the direction the music takes. Conny Bloom's vocals are perfect, never out of place or shape and the production is spot on. This rocker deserves a place in your library for it's near perfection of a damn fine rock band!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Ghost Ward Diaries" Track-listing:

1. Hangover in Hanover
2. There She Goes Again
3. You Spark My Heart
4. Love is a Funny Feeling
5. Gone Gone Gone
6. Swampmotofrog
7. First the Money, Then the Honey
8. Rich Man, Poor Man
9. Knocked Out by Tyson
10. One of the Fallen Angels

Electric Boys Lineup:

Conny Bloom - Guitars, Vocals
Franco Santunione - Guitars
Andy Christell - Bass
Niclas Sigevall - Drums
Jolle Atlagic - Drums

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