Electric Age

Electric Age

Feeling it through one's spine, the classiness of this special occasion, the sharp edge stick […]
December 20, 2013
Electric Age - Electric Age album cover

Feeling it through one's spine, the classiness of this special occasion, the sharp edge stick through the brain, sailing through waves of vintage grasping Rock and proto Metal from side to side through the very interpretations of a Brazilian viewpoint, which I have grown accustomed of exploring its rather extreme Metal trends and ends. Thanks to Divebomb Records, which have been landing most stuff from the 80's and early 90's US Metal periods, I had the opportunity to rake through the midst of the Brazilian melodic Hard Rock / Metal band, ELECTRIC AGE and their debut release "Electric Age". Generally, whoever listens to this band's playing and musical association is ought to comprehend an upgraded version, and quite a dynamic perspective, of the harmonic URIAH HEEP, Blues grinding DEEP PURPLE, a little of the 70's UFO and RAINBOW, however other than the 70's annexation, this band attained a partial Glamish character, not due to the vocals, with hard on penchants to early GUNS N' ROSES and a shard of late 80's MOTLEY CRUE. Therefore, my good friends, you are out for an adventure throughout the cornerstones of Rock and with an adequate sound production just for the circumstance as your accompanying comrade.

I will say it simple and upfront, I expected something completely different, a sort of a Rock piece that will virtually take me hand in hand back to the vivid experimentations in Hard Rock music of four decades ago, a type of old fashioned kind of playing that is asserting the vapor of the past. Ultimately, I received an unembellished dosage of Hard Rock that didn't lose sight of the 70's but also gradually gazed upon the merits of 80's Hard Rock with admiration. ELECTRIC AGE, at least how I gathered their music, broke the rules of the entire shindig that has been going on today with comeback 70's driven Hard Rock / Classic bands and that there aren't carved in stone guidelines in order to look and sound classic. In overall, everything clicked on this release, ELECTRIC AGE providing the old feel and cascading grooves, floating from harmonic Hammond permeated tunes, skintight rhythm section, Blues to the crust of Hard N' Heavy riffery with animated lead guitar demonstration that will make you think of the early guitar gods, at times clinically naughty and alcoholically partying yet also not failing to recall the foundation of their heaviness and posture, and all and above, not that the other didn't matter of course, a frontman with a voice from the stars storing mid to mostly devilishly high register discharges of fury that would certainly remind you guys of a cool blend of Ian Gillian (of the past), Axel Rose, and a tidy biddy Michael Kiske. That is what I call screaming with vengeance ladies and gentleman, such intensities aren't that common. I know that there is a notion, sometimes stated publicly from the mouths of the new age of Hard Rock and even modern Metal that high pitch vocalist can be heavily annoying. Yeah, I heard that quite a few times and it pissed me off and I am in that direction of vocals as well, gladly that Junior Rodrigues spat on everything with this posture and superiority.

The lively feverish "All Night Long", at least as far as vocal performance goes, is exceptional. Taking point as a dirty slice of the Hard Rock tasty pie, tracking through the untamed GUNS N' ROSES realms, shooting sprites of UFO and hovering with magnificent vocal and guitar melodicism that are so addictive. Listen to the lord that tells to rock till you drop, party and never stop. Now folks, I will stop here because I believe that I just provided you enough to be hungry for the hungry days, the flickering smoothness that will eventually depict that cutting edge of melodic Hard Rock sizzle, get yourself ready for a party time.

8 / 10


"Electric Age" Track-listing:

1. Rise
2. Snake Eater
3. Echoes Of Insanity
4. All Night Long
5. Dreamer
6. Good Times Are Coming

Electric Age Lineup:

Luiz Felipe Cardim - Guitars
Junior Rodrigues - Vocals
Fafael Nicolau "The Boss" - Drums
Otavio Cintra - Bass

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