ELDERBLOOD is a Symphonic Black Metal band based out of Ukraine. This is their second […]
October 15, 2016
Elderblood - Messiah album cover

ELDERBLOOD is a Symphonic Black Metal band based out of Ukraine. This is their second full-length album. You don't often get a lot of bands from this large but sparsely populated country, but when you do, it usually is in the Black or Death Metal range. "Messiah" was completed in May, 2016, and contains seven tracks, each running between five and eight minutes. The bravado and grandiosity of "Thagirion's Son" is immediately evident. For sure there are influences of DIMMU BORGIR here to name but one. The vocals are done in layers, with one being lower and more ruthless than the other. The symphonic elements give the song a glossy matte but do not take away from the sweeping feeling of utter doom on a grand scale. The piano toward the end is a thoughtful addition. It's like they sent the Reaper to you with wilted flowers as a parting gift. "Invocation Of Baphomet" is perhaps more resolute in its delivery. Baphomet is often depicted as the half-person, half-goat figure that you would use to facilitate a spell or sacrifice. If you play this track on ten and in the dark, I fully believe you would accomplish his summoning.

"We are the ones who dwell within" and "and I am Lucifer, the Devil in the flesh" are the opening lyrics to "Devil In The Flesh." This is a faster track more in the vein of Thrash Metal than anything else. It shows a diversity in sound on the album for sure. The beast that is "Leviathan" promises a gargantuan deity that brings with him the end of the world. Mightier than any God, he lays waste to mountains, earth and flesh. It's as if he's being commanded by mankind itself...lapsed religious leaders ready to pack it all in. The Symphonic elements are perfectly arranged to carry forth this feeling, but never taking on too strong of a role. A siren of warning sounds as "Satana" rolls in. It is of course just another name for the Dark Lord. Thunderous and skull-crushing drum work fuels this prodigious saga of despair and death, of sacrifice and blood. "In Burning Hands Of God" uses a variety of techniques in its tale of woe. There are some traditional Black Metal riffs, some accenting strings and horns, and a few different vocal styles, including ominous chanting and clean vocals that makes it sound like the song is all around you, consuming your consciousness as death echoes in the hills and skies. The crescendo near the end is something that brings it all together in an emotional array of beautiful sadness.

"Adamas Ater" closes the album. A brief Symphony sets an opening stage for the song in grand fashion. Take away the Black Metal and Death and the Symphony by itself would just be an impressive musical feat. This song sways with melancholy and the futility of reason or concern. Have there been a lot of albums in this style over the years? Sure, there have. But ELDERBLOOD usher in a crisp, virginal sound, coupled with fantastic crafting and musicianship with "Messiah" that will renew your vigor for Symphonic Black Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Messiah" Track-listing:

1. Thagirion's Sun
2. Invocation of Baphomet
3. Devil In The Flesh
4. Leviathan
5. Satana
6. In Burning Hands Of God
7. Adamas Ater

Elderblood Lineup:

Odalv - Drums
Astargh - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Blodorn - Bass

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