Gold Of The Great Deceiver

El Camino

Some Facts for you people. EL CAMINO, and please don't mistake the name of the […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
July 29, 2013
El Camino - Gold Of The Great Deceiver album cover

Some Facts for you people. EL CAMINO, and please don't mistake the name of the band with the "Black Keys" album, it's world apart, originated in Sweden, they are yet another band that symbolize the Stoner conquest by the Swedish Metal scene, yes if you haven't noticed it has been the majority of the "Good" Stoner bands rather than the stuff hailing from the USA, the supposed birthplace of Stoner, bands like SVOLK and many others.

So "Gold Of The Great Deceiver" is the second album for these guys. It starts with the title song "Gold Of The Great Deceiver" with a mellow guitar riffing that doesn't indicate what you are into, after 45 seconds it's obvious EL CAMINO deliver strong Stoner on the verge of Sludge with hints of Doom Metal. I will not forget on implying about the great riffing on the song, and it will remain apparent all over the album. The best song title goes to "Black Witch Love", starting with low and heavy riff alongside chunky bass and belligerent drums, what we call classic and tasteful Stoner, all over there is a weeping guitar that stretches an ambient sound. Don't miss "Torn" that strays a side a bit with a Doom made right with amazing main riff and dual Guitar solo.

If I need to summarize the album, after listening for over four times in a row, is that I didn't get bored but inflamed. Yet again another amazing Swedish Stoner presentation. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Gold Of The Great Deceiver" Track-listing:

1. Gold of the Great Deceiver
2. This Land of Mine
3. Black Witch Love
4. Småland
5. Torn
6. The One of Evil
7. The Wizard
8. Utmarsch

El Camino Lineup:

Timmy - Bass
Nicke - Guitars
Jimmy - Guitars
Daniel - Vocals
Mattias - Drums

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