EIS is a Black Metal band based out of Germany. This is the band's fourth […]
January 1, 2016
EIS - Bannstein album cover

EIS is a Black Metal band based out of Germany. This is the band's fourth full-length album, and contains five tracks. Lyrically, the band's themes have always been dealing with man's moral decline, while also trying to counteract it. "Ein Letzes Menetekel" opens with some eerie spoken words over a bed of what sounds like tortured souls in the pit of hell. The music is dark, fierce and foreboding, and the vocals are done mostly in a low range without the high pitched, indiscernible shrieking often heard in this genre. "Im Noktuarium" has a more melodious entrance with the ambient keyboard parts, and main riff that rides the fence between hope and utter despair. There is a bit more of a wall of sound in this track but it is not overdone. Indeed, it gives the song a grandiose quality, like you are witnessing the destruction of a church or the like. The final four minutes are almost regal sounding.

"Uber Den Bannstein," by contrast, hits you up front and hard in the gut, with a blood curling scream and fast picked guitars and drums from the start. It's a furious bombast of anger and energy, like an army of amped up undead riding on steeds of hell, burning everything in its path. Just before the hallway mark there is a fade to an acoustic interlude with choral voices that soar with beauty. Though it is short lived, it displays the band's sense of creativity. "Fer Von Jarichs Garten" opens with the sound of a despondent funeral march, on a chilly late fall day under grey skies and steady rainfall. The background instrumentation is thick, as if they were accompanied by an orchestra. About half way through it picks up into a blistering pace where the double bass pummels you into submission. "Im Schob Der Welken Blatter" is the closing song. The lone cello that opens this piece is absolutely haunting, and the addition of soft guitar chords add layers of a cold sounding beauty. It's like looking at the open sky and stars and marveling at the Universe, but doing so from a cell that you will be locked away in for eternity. The slow, emotional pace continues with the addition of distorted guitar, bass, drums and vocals and the grace remains throughout.

Overall this is a solid piece of Black Metal from one of the most respected bands in the genre in Germany. The album hears further growth from past releases but retains every bit of the band's sound that fans have come to enjoy.

8 / 10


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"Bannstein" Track-listing:

1. Ein Letzes Menetekel
2. Im Noktuarium
3. Uber Den Bannstein
4. Fern Von Jarichs Garten
5. Im Schob Der Welken Blatter

EIS Lineup:

Alboin - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, & Keyboards
Abarus - Guitars
Wylik - Guitars
Satyrus.S - Keyboards
Marlek - Drums 

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