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Eerie Von's Spidercider

Do you remember this name? I guess DANZIG fans surely do. Eerie Von was the […]
By Yiannis Doukas
April 4, 2008
Eerie Von's Spidercider - That's All There Is album cover

Do you remember this name? I guess DANZIG fans surely do. Eerie Von was the bass player in the first four masterpieces plus in the pre-era SHAMHAIN band  and a major part for the music inside there. His musical steps started some years before with the strange HardCore(?) act ROSEMARY'S BABIES (acted between 1981 and 1983) playing a unique style that you can have an idea of how it was in the album Talking To The Dead that was out from Ghastly Records, containing some unreleased track of the past.
After he departed in 1995 from DANZIG, he has also released three albums, except this one I am going to present you; Uneasy Listening, in 1996, which is something close to a horror movie soundtrack, Blood And The Body in 1998 and - seven years later - Bad Dream No.13, again into spooky and scary (we could say) sounds. The last album is more 'into' Punk, having influences from bands like THE RAMONES etc. Eerie Von knows how to write songs that can be your company for many days or months. For example, tracks like Without You, Hey Louisa or It's Too Bad will stay in your stereo making you forget all of your daily routine; it's some of those songs that the 'repeat' works perfectly. You listen to them in continue. And that thing is a charismatic gift, without a doubt.
The calmness and the relaxation that these sounds expose is one of the benefits for That's All There Is, the voice remains something like a punker who sings horrible lullabies and the production has a retro air that brings a warmness. The only sure is that you will have an enjoyable time while you will be listening to this CD, and goes not only for DANZIG maniacs but also for forgotten punk-ers or for people that like a lot stuff like TURBONEGRO and things like that.

7 / 10


"That's All There Is" Track-listing:

That's All There Is
Without You
Hey Louisa
It's Too Bad
Whatcha Gonna Do?
Gone Away
Undo - Redo
Nothin Better To Do
Never Again

Eerie Von's Spidercider Lineup:

Eerie Von - Everything

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