Immemorial Existence


Formed during September, year 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Russia - EDOMA combines Black Metal with […]
By Barbie Rose
January 26, 2021
Empire Drowns - Nothing album cover

Formed during September, year 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Russia - EDOMA combines Black Metal with Death Metal; and in May of year 2020, premiered their first full release entitled "Immemorial Existence". Previously EDOMA released the single entitled "Herald of Death" in December of 2018.    Subsequent re-releases of the album "Immemorial Existence" followed throughout the year of 2020. This perfect combination of Black Metal and Death Metal leans more to musical heaviness rather than full or implied commitment to either genre.  "Gates" - open for the first album track open to serve as an overture or introduction to the release.

"Herald of Death" - the second album track:  the song opens with a great hook–and the bass mix is pleasantly ploud.    At two minutes into the song the band creates not only "a sound" but "a feel" both innovative and exciting.   They've incorporated a chunky yet legato feel of a bass enhanced guitar riff that descends to the tonic - and now they develop this phrase.  At such a moment I usually want the drummer to utilize the dynamics of accents; yet here doing so would interrupt the legato melodic descent through the groove created among the drums, guitar, and bass; further, this melodic descent is a musical development of the original motive (lick). This is art. I feel the hateful energy gathering within me with goosebumps that invert from my arms to my spine - rather than the normal internal externalization.  The riff repeats at about three minutes into the song

"Edoma" - the third album track is faster;  Pavel Kuraken's bass conveys a stronger presence. Dual guitar lines grace this recording. Guitar lines utilize the upbeat accents to complement the upbeat highlighted by Pavel Mosin's snare–a technique not easily performed in the synchronicity of the perfection as we hear it. "Northern Hearth" - the fourth album track begins with immense heaviness of rhythm guitars that blends with the bass for a solitary sound in the tradition of Death Metal. A second guitar line adds an additional soprano voice from the guitars in sequential likeness. "Depletion of Faith" - The fifth album track–for which EDOMA released the following promotional video (see the following youtube link for a December 29, 2019 pre-release of the album). An incredibly fast double bass drum roll adds a solid death metal basis for the song. This song progresses with a degree of energy both immense and intense.

"Labyrinth Of Torment" - The sixth album track opens with an ominous if not "spacious" creepy sound–almost resembling a blowing wind that endures for about twenty seconds. The music quickly grows interesting as the songs progresses into a 12/8 time signature - with diatonic sequences double picked on the higher guitar strings in the triplet formula of the 12/8 feel; timbre of guitar strings eventually vary between the higher voices & medium voices of the guitar strings. Throughout the verses - each vocal phrase quickly follows with a guitar and bass resurgence of heaviness heard through the lower distorted guitar strings. The guitar solo is unusually melodic and emotionally evocative.

"Last Hours" - the seventh album track begins with two pickup beats on the floor toms - then enters a moment of a pure cacophony of black metal sound. A sequence quite like traditional metal follows for another moment; verses proceed almost like black metal. The song varies in style between moments of traditional metal and moments of classic black metal. During the final moments of "Last Hours" the bass and rhythm guitars recreate the rhythmic sound of muddy feet continuously sliding down the stairs of an escalator amidst severe pain concomitant with such unsuccessful attempts to ascend.

"Demons Of Eternal Twilight" - the eighth album track opens more like traditional metal in the form of death metal – but progresses into the double picking on single guitar strings so prevalent in black metal. "Permafrost" - the ninth and final album track first pre-released on May 1 2020 to promote the entire "Immemorial Existence" release. After a moment of Black Metal guitar strumming - guitars and the rhythm section combine into a more traditional metal riff–through which the verses progress. The main riff returns for a period of real classic metal–though the guitars retain the black metal sound. The song finalizes with an extremely traditional rock beat while guitars resume through black metal style of rhythm guitar picking.

6 / 10

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"Immemorial Existence" Track-listing:

1. Gates
2. Herald of Death
3. Edoma
4. Northern Hearth
5. Depletion Of Faith
6. Labyrinth Of Torment
7. Last Hours
8. Demons Of Eternal Twilight
9. Permafrost 

Edoma Lineup:

Nil Gorbunov - Guitar / Lyrics
Dmitrii Bondar a/k/a Kazak - Guitar & Voice
Pavel Kuraken a/k/a Torden - Bass / Voice
Pavel Mosin - Drums

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