Inferna Kaballah


ECTOPLASM. Noun, referring to the jelly like substance found within cells. That's the end of […]
By Oil Gonzalez
April 10, 2022
Ectoplasma - Inferna Kaballah album cover

ECTOPLASM. Noun, referring to the jelly like substance found within cells. That's the end of the biology lesson, as we're discussing the Greek old school death metal band. "Inferna Kaballah" represents their latest full length album that adds to an impressive back catalogue. This album oozes of that old school death metal sound! In particular the opening track "God Is Dead, Satan Lives". That slow bludgeoning opening guitar riff is reminiscent of early OBITUARY, and is juxtaposed beautifully with the lightning fast drum beat, making for a delightful contrast. Honestly, this was stuff of beauty! I only wish you could see my facial reaction to this as I heard it for the very first time! A mixture of joy, excitement, and fear of the incoming brutality. I did notice some more modern core breakdowns at the center point of this song, demonstrating to me evolution and an attempt to reignite the genre.

"Appaling Abomination" features a similar slower opening riff, whilst there is a melodic lead overlay placed elegantly over the rest of the chaos, much in the vane of DEATH in their hit "Spiritual Healing". I think that's a central theme to this album; being a throwback and homage to the heavyweights of the genre. However, they well and truly put their own stamp on the genre! "Desecration of the Christian Exes" features a neck snapping groove in the opening. Additionally, I've been listening to a lot of doom metal recreationally as of late. I noted how throughout the album, there is a deep fuzzy distorted bass tone underpinning the band's sound. This is most salient in "Gruesome Sacred Orgasms", which is also a slower groovier song as compared to the rest of the album.

Compositionally, ECTOPLASM have proven they have a lot to offer. Vocally, however, is where I need to be critical. I hate to use the phrase one dimensional, but whilst Giannis' guttural growl sure is heavy and intense, it got repetitive and I was wondering if the band had more to offer. Plus lyrically, it was very difficult to hear or understand anything. He could have been singing a nursey rhyme for all I know! Interestingly, the band does seem to compensate for this by having much longer instrumental sections in the music, letting the instruments do the talking. Maybe some variety in vocal tone would be of benefit to the band moving forward. Maybe another member could chip in? Production wise, there is a lot to appreciate, although it can feel too raw at times, and not as refined as it could be. Overall, this is one of those rare combinations of an old school death metal band paying homage to their idols whilst successfully bringing new elements and styles to the table.

7 / 10









"Inferna Kaballah" Track-listing:

1. God Is Dead, Satan Lives
2. Appaling Abomination
3. My Medieval Urges Materialized
4. Infestation Of Atrocious Hunger
5. Inferna Kabbalah
6. Gruesome Sacred Orgasms
7. Filth-Ridden Flesh
8. Desecration of the Christian Exes

Ectoplasma Lineup:

Maelstrom - Drums
Giannis - Vocals/Bass
Dion - Guitar
George - Guitar

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