Ecliptic Vision

Ecliptic Vision

From Syracuse, New York emerged ECLIPTIC VISION delivering their sophomore album just 4 years into […]
By Quinten Serna
August 13, 2019
Ecliptic Vision - Ecliptic Vision album cover

From Syracuse, New York emerged ECLIPTIC VISION delivering their sophomore album just 4 years into their official inception, and whilst the band was a project between the bassist and guitarist for about 6 years' prior it was their first full length released that showed the world they were here to stay.

The album starts off with the "Singularity" an assuming quick prelude constructed out of noise and atmosphere which segues into "Anthropophage" before one even realizes that the introduction is over; the song itself takes its name from the concept of human cannibalism. "Interdimensional Tides" creates a stark contrast between the previous songs and those that come after though that in itself is its full purpose. "Cephalic Anomaly" comes thereafter carrying about itself a sort of marching theme which plays behind the verse as the guitars dance around the rhythm.

The album begins strong, however its weakness comes within the first few tracks which all begin with the same manner of rhythm and progression, and whilst there are both subtle and strong variances between the tracks the casual listener will not devote their attention to listening for the differences. This weakness permeates throughout the greater portion of the album and the only songs that truly stray away from the complacency-other than the atmospheric instrumentals-are the last three bunching of full songs: "Fear the Horizon," "Dark Flow Remnants," and "Alientity." The album as a whole suffers from the semblance of sameness-an unfortunate series of like rhythm sections leaves each track as a near analogue for every other.

The qualities of the recording, mixing, and mastering as a whole are very well done with each instrument  being distinct and fully voiced, the drums in specific truly pop out from every other instrument on the album laying down the foundation to each song in blaring clarity. The vocals are easy to pick apart from the instruments and are themselves quite dynamic ranging between high shrills and guttural roars.

The band delves into the ranges and mannerisms of Brutal Death Metal with both themes and raw energy that deliver on the promise, and whilst the tracks suffer from elements of similarity individually they are borne of strong composition and a tempered approach. It's anyone's guess as to why ECLIPTIC VISION decided upon an eponymous album but the themes and the soundscape they created suit the band and their beliefs, which wind up working in their favor both in defining their sound and introducing new people to it.

7 / 10









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"Ecliptic Vision" Track-listing:

1. Singularity
2. Anthropophage
3. Cosmicosm
4. Lobotomizer
5. Interdimensional Tides
6. Cephalic Anomaly
7. Crux of Infliction
8. Reduced to Dust
9. Fear the Horizon
10. Dark Flow Remnants
11. Alientity
12. Adrift in the Celestial Void

Ecliptic Vision Lineup:

Vincent Lawyer - Drums
Derek Ponton - Bass / Vocals
Ryan Caughey - Guitars / Programming
Joshua Rivet - Lead Vocals
Machine Moon - Ambient Tracks

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