Santander based Metal band DZOKER are an infuriating bunch to research. A Google search returns […]
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
January 17, 2016
Dzoker - Nazca album cover

Santander based Metal band DZOKER are an infuriating bunch to research. A Google search returns a limited Bandcamp entry, one Facebook page that contains no line-up information and is entirely in Spanish, plus about four hundred pictures of Heath Ledger and references to The Joker. And this is a bit of a shame because these elusive Spaniards have crafted a respectable debut here. Given that they have a name which evokes extensive weed fuelled jam sessions it should be no surprise they're from the Stoner Metal camp, but they could just as easily be described as a straight up Rock And Roll band.

Yes folks the spirit of the dearly departed Lemmy Kilmeister can be heard on every single one of these tracks. This is up tempo Rock music with bluesy guitar riffs and the singer sounds like he was breast fed on Jack Daniels. They're not shy about going the distance either as only one song falls short of the five minute mark and all are a heady cocktail of bearded masculinity and down-tuned soloing.

Unfortunately they're also prone to a lack of variation, but when DZOKER are good, they're a bad ass Metal band. "Free Living," "Acid Rain," "Oil At 3000 RPM" and "Chance" all have their moments and are the perfect accompaniment to racing down a highway trying to outrun the Sheriff's department on a Harley. There's also a blissed out, groovy vibe running through "Nazca," especially on "Light In Darkness" and "Blood," where they may as well have dropped Peyote and spent a night playing to the silence of the Nevada desert.

That being said you have to be seriously committed to Stoner Metal to make it all the way to the closing moments. DZOKER are a decent band but they've not mastered the art of light and shade yet; the tracks tend to follow more or less the same pattern and start to blur into each other after a while. They can definitely kick out the jams though and their energy is refreshing too. This isn't a perfect start to their recording career but the promise is there, they just need to hone their ideas a bit. And get a decent website because Christ almighty, it's bloody difficult to find them online.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Nazca" Track-listing:

1. Free Living
2. Chance
3. Think
4. Light In Darkness
5. Acid Rain
6. Black Poison
7. Blood
8. Wink Me
9. Hair
10. Oil At 3000 RPM

Dzoker Lineup:


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