Temple Heights


DYSPLÄCER is a New York-based five-piece ensemble that loves to focus their Power Metal prowess […]
By Kevin Lewis
June 17, 2023
Dyspläcer - Temple Heights album cover

DYSPLÄCER is a New York-based five-piece ensemble that loves to focus their Power Metal prowess on fantasy, folklore, and Kung Fu. Bringing Japanese themes and styles to bear in the lyrics and music give this band a little extra push over some of the "regular" Power Metal bands, taking the feel out of the realm of the past and into the reality of martial artists and generally bad-ass fighters. Temple Heights was self-released on April 20, 2023.

"Intro" is the aptly named first track. It is a one plus minute instrumental of Asian-influenced music that sets the tone and theme for the record. That track leads directly into "Lightning Fury Fist," a seven-minute song that carries the musical theme forward lyrically. There is still the underlying Asian influence in some of the music as well, but the guitars really take primacy over the genre, shifting fully into Power Metal. The title track, "Temple Heights," clocks in at just over eight minutes and leans more into the heavier end of the bands Power Metal stylings. The vocals hit full soaring falsetto as they must for a true Power Metal album and the bass/drum combination show they are worthy of the genre, powering full force through the entire song with relenting.

The guitars from "Kuma Kaiju" to "Way Of The Ninja" have a similar tuning and tonal quality. The rhythms are all unique, but it is fairly obvious this is a favorite tuning for Grandmaster and Dragon. Each of the songs has its' own story to tell, avoiding the concept album format while ensuring there is a common thread that runs through the whole album. The Power Ballad on the record is "Halls Of Justice," another seven minute epic track. This one really returns to the Japanese musical theme for the opening then goes heavy for the main body. The song has the feel of a ballad as much as the anything since it has a "softer" sound and gentler tone. The song still has plenty of heaviness, but here it's subdued and implied, giving a sense of power, rather than a display of it.

They wrap the album with an eight minute, blazing fast track called "DVD." There are a few spots that play with delving into Progressive Metal, but they never truly cross over. DYSPLÄCER tends to stick firmly in the Power segment for their sound, never really straying too far from that base. In a world full of bands that hit more than one genre, it is nice to hear something more pure, straight-forward. Especially since it is so well done.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Temple Heights" Track-listing:

1. The Ancient Song
2. Lightning Fury Fist
3. Black Widow (The Dirge Of)
4. Temple Heights
5. Kuma Kaiju
6. Bloodsport
7. Forgotten Victories
8. Way Of The Ninja
9. Halls Of Justice
10. Dyspläcer Vs. Dyspläcer

Dyspläcer Lineup:

Justice Blaze Bragg - Vocals
White Panther of the 12th Chamber - Bass
Northern Sage of the Rising Moon - Drums
Grandmaster Bush - Guitar
Dragon of the Mystic Peaks - Guitar

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