Bring The Thunder


It was some years ago that Glam/Sleaze revived, and it was Sweden that did this. […]
By Caterina Zoi
November 5, 2009
Dynazty - Bring The Thunder album cover

It was some years ago that Glam/Sleaze revived, and it was Sweden that did this. CRASHDIET, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, ZAN CLAN and many other bands recorded some of the best Glam/Sleaze albums of all times and this was just the beginning...
DYNAZTY is a new band from...guess where? Yes! Sweden is the right answer. They just recorded their first album and currently they are touring with THE POODLES. To tell the truth, I would like very much to see these two bands live and especially now that I have listened to DYNASTY's album.
From the beginning to the end Bring The Thunder is an album that can make you bang your head and I'm sure you're going to enjoy every single note of it. It contains songs such as Bring The Thunder, Lights Out (In Candyland) and the pretty heavy The Devil's Shake that can easily be considered as anthems. Also, as almost every album of this kind, it contains a great ballad called Far Away. Now, really, Nils has an unbelievably great voice; I can say that sometimes he reminds me of Sebastian Bach or something. Generally, DYNAZTY's sound reminds me of bands like H.E.A.T. and EUROPE for example, but they have their own style. The cover of the album isn't that impressive. It's very simple, though I can say I like it. The production is very good, and in general this album is a 'must have' for lovers of this genre.

So, they came out of nowhere and they released a dynamite. If you like Glam/Sleaze Metal or New Wave Of Swedish Glam/Sleaze (or whatever they want to call it...I don't like labels anyway) I would strongly recommend you buy this album.

7 / 10


"Bring The Thunder" Track-listing:

Bring The Thunder
Catch The Night
Lights Out (In Candyland)
Far Away
Top Of The Line
Monkey Wants, Monkey Needs
Take Me Down
The Devil's Shake
Higher N' Higher
Sail Away (bonus track)

Dynazty Lineup:

Nils Molin - Vocals
Rob Love - Guitars
Joey Foxx - Bass
George Egg - Drums

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