Blackout Station


I usually reserve my personal feelings for later in the review but today I'm going […]
By Jeff Legg
May 7, 2014
Dynamite - Blackout Station album cover

I usually reserve my personal feelings for later in the review but today I'm going to start out by saying, "I really, really dig this album"! It's one of my favorite new releases that I've heard in quite some time.

Let me first introduce you to DYNAMITE, a Swedish quartet formed in 2012 by Mattis Karlsson (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Hed-Plikas (Guitar), Adam Butler (Bass), and Jonas Hagstrom (Drums). These four guys are a hard-rocking, high-energy band that really knows what works for them and plays it to damn near perfection. After releasing their debut album "Lock N Load" in May of 2013, they gained notoriety as one of Sweden's next "Big Things".  And now, a year later, resembling a modern day Motorhead, and sounding like a 1980's arena headliner, DYNAMITE are set to release their second album, "Blackout Station" on May 24th, 2014 via High Roller Records. With this release, they show that they're ready to take on the world while displaying a vast improvement in songwriting and a much tighter sound. They deliver an amazing 10 track, blue-collar hard rock release that picks up right where last year's "Lock N Load" left off.

I listen to so much music, so often, that's it's rare that I find an album that I like so much more than the rest that I listen to it over and over and over. "Blackout Station" is one of those rare finds. There is no doubt that you will hear the resemblance to AC/DC in their music, a lot of which has to do with the "Bon Scott-esqe" vocals that Mattis so effortlessly lays down. You'll also hear a lot of the old style, three chord guitar licks that made Angus Young the God he is today, and the sound that is still so recognizable to most fans of rock music. But please don't categorize this band or this album as just another copycat wannabe. I hear as much Aerosmith, Dirty Looks, Krokus, and Buckcherry in their songs as I do AC/DC. Those are some pretty good influences to be associated with and any of those aforementioned bands would be proud to release an album of this quality. DYNAMITE join bands like Airborne and 77, among others, that are bringing back that classic, big-stage rock sound that the younger generations are only exposed to playing Guitar Hero. If you want to tell me that they sound like AC/DC, I won't argue with you but I will add that they offer so much more.

DYNAMITE is not your standard "one trick pony"; they play music like most of us headbangers grew up listening to and still listen to regularly. The best way to get the most out of "Blackout Station" is to go to the smallest, loudest room you can find and turn the volume to 10. Just listen without trying to pigeonhole the sound and I can promise that you will be pleased. There are no bad songs or weak moments on this masterpiece. If you are a fan of great rock n roll, the style of rock n roll that this generation so desperately needs, you'll want to own this album. DO NOT PASS ON THIS ONE! Remember that old saying, "if it feels good, do it"? Well this one feels so good!!

10 / 10


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"Blackout Station" Track-listing:

1. Blackout Station
2. Talk is Cheap
3. Burn it Down
4. Hail Rock n Roll
5. It's a Long Way Home
6. Grind for a Dime
7. Give it to Me
8. Hard to Please
9. Damn You Woman
10. Wild and Untamed

Dynamite Lineup:

Mattis Karlsson- Vocals/Guitars
Sebastian Hed-Plikas - Guitar
Adam Butler - Bass
Jonas Hagström - Drums

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