The Human Concern


To succeed in today's music industry, a band or artist must grab every listener's attention […]
By That Metal Fan
March 29, 2015
Dwail - The Human Concern album cover

To succeed in today's music industry, a band or artist must grab every listener's attention from the get go and give them every reason to not hit scan on the stereo and change the station. With as many element's that France native's, DWAIL, bring to the table with their new album, "The Human Concern", you would think they would pull this mandatory requirement off with a high level of ease. High energy is abound throughout this album and features; quick progression guitar's, deep groove bass line's, unstoppable drumming, and mid range screams that only let up for punk style clean vocal's. Unfortunately, the band couldn't even hold my attention during a four-hundred drive through the desert, (literally).

I'm not a big fan of this Punk Rock/Hardcore metal fusion style of music, but even if I was, I feel I would be hitting that skip button after thirty seconds or so of each song. At times, the guitar's do bring the power to make me listen. However, as a whole, the high tuning and twang of the string's come off, at times, pitchy and the structure just does not deliver as it should. Matteo Arrestier, does bring a slight level of funk with his bass playing, but it gets lost in the clutter. Vocalist, Yannock Sans, does have talent and the album makes that clear. His mid range screams are both clean and powerful but at times, one sided. His clean, "talking at you", style vocals do mix it up a bit but it falls just shy of bringing me back in. In all reality, Lea Constantino's drumming is the only reason that I was able to power through "The Human Concern" with any level of interest at all. She uses her quick feet, killer structure"s, and all around kit mastery to hold this band, and album, together. Without her, i do believe DWAIL, would be lost as a group.

Unless you are a huge fan of band's like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and do not care much for musical structure, I would not recommend this album.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"The Human Concern" Track-listing:

1. LD50
2. The Human Concern
3. Gang Rape
4. Influx
5. Song of cleansing
6. Darkening Trees
7. The Elements
8. A Sharp Gunshot
9. A Rail of Light
10. Under the Bombs
11. District One

Dwail Lineup:

Mateo Arrestier - Bass
Yannock Sans - Vocals
Lea Canstantino - Drums
Julian Gretz - Guitars

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