Screaming Steel


”Screaming Steel” Durbin's fourth solo album continues his mission to deliver Heavy Metal to the world
June 13, 2024

Frontiers Music welcome back James Durbin for a multi album deal under the name Durbin. His introduction to the music industry began on Season 10 of American Idol where he championed heavy metal. In the finale he shared the stage with heavy metal legends Judas Priest. Throughout his career Durbin has collaborated with some very impressive names which include Mick Mars, Steel Panther and Zakk Wylde plus many more. Durbin's album “The Beast Awakens” solidified his place on the Heavy Metal scene with his influences coming from 80's Heavy Metal whilst forging his own path, ”Screaming Steel” Durbin's fourth solo album continues his mission to deliver Heavy Metal to the world.

Made Of Metal” starts off this album a fast tempo NWOBHM influenced track very much in the vain of Judas Priest a fitting tribute to them I would say. The title track “Screaming Steel” has those in sync Maiden style guitar riffs which open the track with the melody and structure to the track vocally I feel that Durbin's vocals too screechy at times, there's no doubt Durbin has a good voice but for me he over sings it. ”Where They Stand” is a more melodic metal track the guitar riffs are infectious with a great solo, vocally sounding better fitting within the melody of the track. ”Hallows” one of the heavier, faster tracks features Jadran “Conan” Gonzales doing a great guitar solo one of several guitarists has drafted in for solo duties on this album which is a great track. ”Power Of The Reaper” is another great track on this album some great hooks, sounding great  vocally .”Blazing High” is another fast paced head banging heavy metal track with some modern touches .”Beyond The Night”,” The Worshipper 1897” classic sounding Heavy Metal sound reminiscent of Dio, Praying Mantis and Black Sabbath which sound good, but with a bit better production could sound better ,the vocals are not high enough up in the mix drowned out by the guitars.  “Tear Them Down” is one of the albums highlights a more melodic track with some power metal riffs ,pace and tempo. The vocals also sounding better with more control from Durbin.”Rebirth” gives us an definitive nod to Durbin's influences which is evident throughout this album.

Screaming Steel” is a mediocre album which I feel is let down by some bad production which does not do the album justice. Durbin's vocals at times are not the best either ,he over sings some of the songs which make them sound a little too screechy at times which I found overbearing. There is no doubt he has the vocal ability and the range but his vocals are not controlled enough for me. When Durbin gets it right though he nails it. I would have loved to have had a metal ballad included on the album too just to add a bit of variety and diversity to the album. All in all an average release which I don't think I will listen to again.

5 / 10









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"Screaming Steel" Track-listing:

1.Made Of Metal

2.Screaming Steel

3.Where They Stand


5.Power Of The Reaper

6.Blazing High

7.Beyond The Night

8.The Worshipper 1897

9.Tear Them Down


Durbin Lineup:

James Durbin – Vocals

Aldo Lonobile – Guitars

Luca Birotto – Guitars

Mike Roberts – Bass

Marco Sacchetto – Drums

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