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Strum Sum Up

Dug Pinnick

KING'S X is a unique band in the Rock/Metal archives. Why? Just try to describe […]
By Grigoris Chronis
November 16, 2007
Dug Pinnick - Strum Sum Up album cover

KING'S X is a unique band in the Rock/Metal archives. Why? Just try to describe the music the band has performed the last (approximately) twenty years. And, please, use not more than (again) twenty words. Now, the band's vocalist/bassist Doug 'Dug' Pinnick releases his newest solo effort, Strum Sum Up, and - for a review written for a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal magazine - there's not much to articulate about.
In a set of not less than a whole team of guest musicians, you'll notice none other than Wally Farkas (GALACTIC COWBOYS), Natasha Shneider (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, ELEVEN) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) in this release; a CD dressed up in some what's that arrow supposed to 'stand up' for? cover artwork. I am not the victim anymore, Pinnick recently stated. I am not pointing fingers and forcing people to think the way I do. I finally realize that people just want to dance and have a good time. Many may recall enough of the 'what the hell?' statements Doug has come up with at times. Does some answer lay within this album with this particular 'song titles' list?
Strum Sum Up is heavy (not 'Heavy'), it is not progressive and - most of all - is in 'jamming' mood. There's a wide emotion of freedom in playing, something I'm not sure conservative fans will understand easily. Bearing in mind most of the album's songs are divided in two parts, it is essential to note down the first part is the actual(?) song while the successor sees jam pieces for the faithful. Pinnick says: We would play the song and immediately jam right after it on the first time around. The jams you hear are all the first take. We would do the song and then we'd jam, and the jam became the second part of the songs. Some of the jams are my favourite stuff on the record, and really showcase some of my best playing.
Yeap, you can yell for the instrumentation hypnosis, but - on the other hand - Pinnick's touch builds up a genuine album with no other aim that giving the listener the potential to have a good time. Strum Sum Up can even be psychedelic at times. And, if you've carefully watched Pinnick's steps so far - you will foresee this nirvana resulting in acceptance of how things run in the end. Strum Sum Up is a weird album, for a metalhead/hardrocker, even if you'll find some of the plainest music this musician has ever written. The grade's just for that weirdness.

5 / 10


"Strum Sum Up" Track-listing:

Perfect World
Perfect World (Pt.2)
Damn It
Dynomite (Pt.2)
Life Is What You Make It
Life Is What You Make It (Pt.2)
Coming Over
All I Want
Hostile World
Cross It
Cross It (Pt.2)

Dug Pinnick Lineup:


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