Sons Of Thunder


This is a 'wrap up' in history, with an album eventually released after a whole […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 15, 2008
Driver - Sons Of Thunder album cover

This is a 'wrap up' in history, with an album eventually released after a whole lotta 18-19 years after its primary works. Around 1989/1990 vocalist Rob Rock (solo, IMPELLITTERI, JOSHUA, WARRIOR, Axel Rudi Pell) collaborated with guitarist Roy Z. (Bruce Dickinson, TRIBE OF GYPSIES - plus songwriter for dozens of bands you all know) for the making of a bunch of songs. A same-titled EP was prepared and released on demo cassette, was then put on hold for an original issue and...'s year 2008 and - via Metal Heaven - here is an 'enriched' edition of that EP, with re-rehearsed versions of the originals, plus bonus tracks: DRIVER eventually finds the way. In the EP sessions the lineup featured Emil Lech Brando (bass), Greg Shultz (keyboards), B.J. Zampa (drums) and Reynold Butch Carlson (once drummer for Joey Tafolla - present in the current CD, too), while for the 'new' recordings Ed Roth (Glenn Hughes, Ronnie Montrose, IMPELLITTERI) and Aaron Samson (ODIN, George Lynch, John 5) donated help.
American Heavy Metal with tons of melodies, heavier than JOSHUA's standards, a little bit more old-fashioned in regards to Roy Z's deeds, less 'virtuoso' than IMPELLITTERI's Rock-sung albums, with a similar vibe to Rock's own albums in demonstration (again,  heavier maybe)... Well, things are more simple than above described, xaxa! Solid rhythm section with no surprises, mostly mid-pace grooves with 1-2 double bass typhoons and a couple of ballad-type cuts, sharp metallic guitars with volume and a polished sound, excellent to-the-point-leads, discrete keyboards with lurking 'prog-aiming' atmosphere and - in front - the familiar throat of Rob Rock with all its typical elements. Warrior is already known by Rock's solo career and IMPELLITTERI's Answer To The Master (1994) album - and, yes, it's from the DRIVER days - and Change Of Heart is a remake of Bruce Dickinson's Balls To Picasso (1994) CD. The production is first-class, with a crystal clear sound and proper mix, too.
If you've not dealt with Rock before, try the album. If you like him singing the things he does, then proceed. If not, don't. If Roy Z would be the reason for picking up this album or not and the 'Rob Rock' name does mean nothing to you, give the album a check. 100% music-wise: if U wanna take on word only, buy it.

7 / 10


"Sons Of Thunder" Track-listing:

Titans Of Speed
I'm A Warrior *
Fly Away *
Heart's On Fire *
Sons Of Thunder
Never Give Up
Change Of Heart
Dark World
Winds Of March
Only Love Can Save Me Now *
Tears That I Cry
I Believe In Love *

(* : re-worked versions of the 1990 EP)

Driver Lineup:

Rob Rock - Vocals
Roy Z - Guitars
Reynold Butch Carlson - Drums
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Aaron Samson - Bass

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