Dream And Deliver


Now, this is a serious offer right here! DREAMTIDE's newest release will probably track down […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 7, 2008
Dreamtide - Dream And Deliver album cover

Now, this is a serious offer right here! DREAMTIDE's newest release will probably track down your wants in insight and deliver the wanted mix of Hard Rock, Melodic Rock and 'melodic' Metal you've searched for the last years. What started out as a mere inquiry due to the band's lineup 'star(s)' eventually shines as a great doze of songs equally capable of keeping 'choosy' company for a long long time.
Two previous albums in the Frontiers label and you already have a brief idea for what lurks herein. Created by FAIR WARNING members Helge Engelke (mainly?), C.C. Behrens and Torstein Luederwaldt, DREAMTIDE soon discovered they could fit the plan and release notable albums. Ex-SCORPIONS bassman Francis Buchholz replaced (once in) TALON's Ole Hempelman in 2007 and - sooner or later- it was time for the third (and most crucial, to many) strike called Dream And Deliver.
Five years after Dreams For The Daring (the album with the efficient songs and the 'pale' cover artwork) who would dream this band would deliver in such high level. The competence in songwriting has upgraded even more, with 14 songs building up an as-multicolor-as-it-can-get basis with Melodic Rock/Metal flirting with the 80s rendition of 70s Classic Rock bands and AOR or (even) 'pop' Rock on top. Total duration of the CD is a little bit less than 70 minutes, and if you think you may get bored with an overdose of melody, consider you're...completely wrong. There's such diversity in the band's music, the structure of the songs is so well-worked, every simple part has been given its full credit and - to my ears, after a dozen of auditions - Dream And Deliver more-than-delivers its musical scope.
The hooks are top notch and catchy in a mature way and not 'radio friendly' necessary, while the aura I get is that the band pays homage to the songs themselves; their music is not the means but - rather - the aim. You would imagine PINK CREAM 69, 'melodic' SCORPIONS, a slice of post-mid-80s URIAH HEEP, some (of course) of FAIR WARNING (bout nothing in-your-face similarities, anyway), a little bit of 'neoclassical' semi-Metal, enough of the 'pictures' of ZENO, and...the frontman's skills.
Senkbeil's voice is the mere example of a singer influence by the 70s monsters of Hard Rock. Solid, non-harsh, not letting himself loose in pitches, with a love for passionate singing, moody at times...he's a brave one in singing. You'll catch your breath in - at least - a couple of tracks to his performance (one of them being Help Me, I guess?). With 3 or 4 ballads and the rest grooving around familiar tempos for the rocker, added by a 'valid'/clear production, DREAMTIDE's new album is the perfect weapon against those crying out against 'candy' releases' quality in the (widely speaking) Melodic Rock world.  
Many will probably consider Dream And Deliver one step down compared to its predecessors; that's the point of opinions. On the other hand, none I can imagine that will non-dig it; and that's a fact. Hope DREAMTIDE breaks loose in mass recognition/acceptance this time. And not because of Francis.

8 / 10


"Dream And Deliver" Track-listing:

A Fools Crusade
I Don't Wanna Wait
Same Star
Your Beat
Dancing When The Night Falls
King Of Scum
Download A Dream
Tell Me How It Feels
To Everybody
Keep From Falling
The Vow
Help Me
Download A Dream (Reprise)

Dreamtide Lineup:

Helge Engelke - Guitars
C.C Behrens - Drums
Olaf Senkbeil - Vocals
Francis Buchholz - Bass
Torstein Luederwaldt - Keyboards

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