Everlasting Flame


DREAMTALE, the 7 piece power metal act recently entered their second decade as a band […]
By Oli Gonzalez
July 4, 2022
Dreamtale - Everlasting Flame album cover

DREAMTALE, the 7 piece power metal act recently entered their second decade as a band and this year have released their 8th studio album, "Everlasting Flame". I won't lie, I'm excited! I have a soft spot for power metal. I do wonder if this will lean more to the folk metal side, or will the band provide a more classic metal themed? Either, the 14 song album will be a journey. The album kicks of with "King Of Kings". I noticed the dual vocal attack, and the pirate themed keys. Maybe a little cheesy in parts at least lyrically, but there's no denying this is just simply a very fun and entertaining song! I can imagine a group of drunken metal heads dancing to this in the fields of an open air metal and beer festival. The solo is tasty too!

The pace slows down for "Blood of the Morning Star". At least in the early parts. There's a subtle use of more traditional folk instruments, fused with that undeniable in your face power metal rhythm. There's a lot to admire. "Last Goodbyes" has more of a ballad feel to it. This is sang almost entirely by Nitte, giving her the chance to shine. This is also the most synth heavy song so far, giving it a much appreciated melodic element. This is contrasted with "Ghostride". That intro is much heavier, dramatic, and just proves you can be heavy without having to tune 3 octaves below middle C, as many modern bands do. Again, this is another song sang almost entirely by Nitte, who demonstrates some operatic style vocals later in the song. The vocals are a lot slower now, with what feels to be more mourning sorrowful tone. In the chorus, the subtle backing from Jarno works to perfection, with him occupying the low end of the vocals and harmonising. He also unleashes some much heavier growls later in the song, for the first time. Just another tool in an impressive repertoire. Some of the guitar work is masterful too. This is easily my favourite song so far! At this point, it's clear what the bands selling points are; dual vocals, impressive melodic synths, and solid guitar and rhythmic work.

"Immortal Souls" takes on a dark wave vibe, especially in the early stages. It's amazing how much influence the keys have on the mood of the track. Again, demonstrates another tool in the band's arsenal. "No Shadow Goes Too Far" demonstrates that the band are perfectly capable of writing effective ballad type of songs. I was expecting this song to build to a crescendo featuring a blazing guitar solo. However, they slow the pace down to a glacial drip, for around 30 seconds of calm reflection. That I wasn't expecting, which shows they're certainly talented song writers and WILL keep you guessing. The energy sharply increases for "Summer Rose". This is one that would resonate well with fans of STRATOVARIUS, or pretty much anybody else who loves high octane melodic power metal! The lyrics are easy to catch onto. I won't lie, as I'm typing this, my heads bopping from side to side, and I'm doing some air drumming with my imaginary double bass pedals! DREAMSCAPE have clearly done their job here.

"The Glory". Short, fast, no fancy bits. Just an enjoyable power metal song with a simple yet brutally effective rhythmic section and some glorious guitar work. If that was simple yet effective, "Eye For An Eye" takes a much more experimental direction. Jarno's almost rap style vocals at the start grab your attention, and the song structure is pretty chaotic at times. However, the gamble pays off and it's a very fun song! If you're looking for a much slower ballad devoted entirely to a lady dragon, then this song of the same name is exactly what you're looking for! A bit cheesy at times, but this much slower song is definitely what's needed at this stage. Ten songs in, and to be honest I'm surprised that I'm still engaged and listening. It can be difficult to get today's Spotify generation not invest in a full length album, especially on that's 14 songs long. Yet this speaks volumes about DREAMSCAPE's straight up compositional excellence.

I was wondering when we were going to hear a folk metal inspired song sang entirely in the band's native tongue. Then came "Tanhupullo". I've no clue what they're saying, but I'm going to pretend I can speak and sing in Finnish! At 2.32, this is the shortest song but possibly the most fun! I haven't really found much to be wrong with this album so far. However, I have some thoughts about "Sleeping Beauty" and "Silent Scream". They do sadly feel a little bit too cookie cutter for me and recycling ideas from previous songs. In isolation, they are good songs! But in the context of the whole album, I'm struggling to find their purpose and to see what they're adding. "Pirates' Lullaby" is a slower, soothing calmer end the album, one designed to slowly bring you back to earth. A fitting end. Overall, this is a solid power metal album, a gateway album for the newbies to the genre, as well as being a solid stand alone effort with enough to distinguish themselves from the others in the genre.

8 / 10









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"Everlasting Flame" Track-listing:

1. King Of Kings
2. Blood of the Morning Star
3. Last Goodbyes
4. Ghostride
5. Immortal Souls
6. No Shadow Goes Too Far
7. Summer Rose
8. The Glory
9. Eye For An Eye
10. Lady Dragon
11. Silent Scream
12. Tanhupullo
13. Sleeping Beauty
14. Pirates' Lullaby

Dreamtale Lineup:

Nitte - Vocals
Jarno - Vocals
Rami  - Guitar
Akseli - Keyboard
Arto  - Drums
Zsolt  - Guitar
Mikko - Bass

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