In The Night

Dream Evil

Sweden's DREAM EVIL started of as an ambitious project enlisting the services of famous faces […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 22, 2009
Dream Evil - In The Night album cover

Sweden's DREAM EVIL started of as an ambitious project enlisting the services of famous faces of the Metal world, and - truly - the masses expected a good doze of embracing European metal music capable of drawing new paths in a genre often criticized for its squeezed boundaries. Ten years after their formation, DREAM EVIL's camp has seen lots of changes but the scope remains the same (in general) thus fans and enemies shall preserve their own outlooks on the topic of the quintet's proposals.
Long living now without the assistance of Gus G. (FIREWIND, Ozzy Osbourne, ex-NIGHTRAGE/MYSTIC POPHECY) and Snowy Shaw (XXX, ex-King Diamond/MERCYFUL FATE/THERION/MEMENTO MORI) the Ritchie Rainbow (Fredrik Nordstrom, in other words) centered band now utilizes its fifth release balancing between traditional Metal with a fresh touch and pounding present European Heavy/Power Metal. Having gained a respected number of fans in Europe and (I suppose) Japan, DREAM EVIL sees an in-your-face set of songs in the new album and successfully - in my opinion - raises high the fist of the 00's Metal child; and here it's a 'stop' sign since there are not major changes in the band's sound or songwriting style, whatever good or bad this may mean. A mix of their classic Metal influences (JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, DIO, Y. Malmsteen) with relevant elements to the likes of PRIMAL FEAR, FIREWIND or (some of) HAMMERFALL and METALIUM is a brief description of In The Night's total profile, with...
...mid-pace banging cuts, up-tempo 'warrior' songs, enough pounding rhythms and some more cheesy tunes destined to feed the hunger of Euro Power juvenile metallers. The leads are again remarkable, including both neoclassical and fully Metal moments, there are enough choir vocals supporting Nick Night's (Niklas Isfeldt - a mix of Cans and Scheepers) excellent voice plus the rhythm section is sold and convincing in its services. Looking back in DREAM EVIL's discography so far (five albums in ten years) I can see the band has improved its volume and riffing attitude but has not sustained the personal sound it once had in the first couple of CDs (Dragonslayer, Evilized) leaning towards a more polished sound/style; many may call this a progression while enough criticize such development since it omits from the band's identity. Your choice, in other words.
The album runs smoothly (+) but I cannot see a stand out track so far (-); In The Night surely is a good album fitting DREAM EVIL's approach and plans but I cannot see much of a chance it'll be credited as a 'must have' album in the years to come, IF this is the case here. Hence, it depends on your own standards and expectations, I guess. Nonetheless if European heavy Power Metal, as seen the last 10-12 years, is your cup of tea, another nice album is ready to turn you on.

PS: The limited edition version of In The Night will be available as a 'media book' CD with alternate artwork, expanded booklet, two exclusive bonus tracks (Good Nightmare and The Return) as well as a DREAM EVIL patch. Also, the band will support Finnish metallers STRATOVARIUS on their upcoming early 2010 European tour.

7 / 10


"In The Night" Track-listing:

In The Night
Bang Your Head
See The Light
On The Wind
The Ballad
In The Fires Of The Sun
Mean Machine
Kill, Burn, Be Evil
The Unchosen One

Dream Evil Lineup:

Nick Night - Vocals
Dannee Demon - Lead Guitar
Ritchie Rainbow - Rhythm Guitar
Pete Pain - Bass
Pat Power - Drums

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