Goons LTD


I really admire a record that can encourage nostalgia and reminiscing of happy times, "Goons […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
January 26, 2015
Drawcard - Goons LTD album cover

I really admire a record that can encourage nostalgia and reminiscing of happy times, "Goons LTD" by Aussie Rock outfit DRAWCARD did just that and if they keep this arena like sound up they could go a very long way up the music ladder. DRAWCARD hail from Sunshine Coast, Australia and they are ready to release their mark upon the world.

Reading up some of their press information, they state they are not about fast cars, stupid haircuts and fake boobs but about being honest with yourself and doing what you love to do best. Judging from this EP I think they show that with brass, bold Hard Rock tunes that I know will become anthems one day.

The introductory track "Kids" takes me back to my teenage days where I was discovering myself and how much I loved to express myself through my taste in music. Their sound reminds me of early FALL OUT BOY with their strong guitar riffs, no nonsense vocals and rhythmic drum beats that come together to create a beautiful fusion of Rock that will go down well if they keep it up.

My personal favourite tracks on the EP are "We Are The Future", "The Next Time" and "The Bridge", purely because they are the key tracks that help you escape the stresses of reality and allow you to let loose. I can imagine dancing energetically to their music at a live show of theirs. It is also these two particular tracks that take me back to those moments where I find myself through music choices.

The bold guitar riffs of "Give It Up" concludes the EP on a more than positive note. So my overall conclusion about "Goons LTD"? This is a truly energetic masterpiece that is sure to unleash your inner rock child.


10 / 10


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"Goons LTD" Track-listing:

1. Kids
2. We Are The Future
3. The Next Time
4. The Bridge
5. Give It Up

Drawcard Lineup:

Paul Durkin - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jack Hudson - Guitars, Vocals
Mitch Wheeler - Bass, Vocals
Andi Durkin - Drums, Vocals, Samples

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