Time For Expiation


Another Italian Power Metal act landed at my stereo. Dragonhammer return with their second full-length […]
By Makis Kirkos
May 13, 2004
Dragonhammer - Time For Expiation album cover

Another Italian Power Metal act landed at my stereo. Dragonhammer return with their second full-length album, called Time For Expiation.
Let's take a short look back in time and recall to our memory these guys. Dragonhammer's first album The Blood Of The Dragon (2001) was one of the most interesting and well-reviewed debuts.
Combining different elements and various influences Dragonhammer tried to reach a sound that is hardly comparable to the abused classic Italian Power / Speed Metal. Fast songs, with bombastic choirs, much emotion and a singer that sings in the higher regions. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're trying to follow Rhapsody and their disciples.
Time For Expiation seems to be the next logical step in their career. These guys are mature enough to mix power and progressive elements into their latest release. I think the keyboard melodies are in a more leading role within the whole album and in a perfect balance with the guitar riffs and solos.
All the songs hold your attention and explore the total dynamics that this style of music allows, from operatic style vocals, multi part harmonies, classically inspired keyboards, expertly done and heavy guitars riffs. What I also liked about this release is the extremely tight rhythm section, having the double drum-bass a bit more in the front than than all the rest and - oh well in two words: kicking asses.
Starting from the attractive cover-artwork, Time For Expiation wants to deal with more introspective themes, avoiding sword & pride cliches. Also it seems that a very particular tormented soul, the Eternal Sinner, is playing the game of life and it brings together the past, the present and the future. I still can't understand if the whole album is based on a concept story, but it sure seems to be that way. I believe that listening to Time For Expiation a bit more, will solve the mystery 🙂
Max Aguzzi has a very difficult role being the singer and the guitar player for Dragonhammer but he is extremely good in singing and playing at the same time. I am wondering how that guy performs live... Those of you who are musicians themselves, sure understand how hard it is to sing live and also play the guitar, plus do some amazing solos while your throat is ready to explode. The other band members are awesome musicians as well and their technique skills are high above average.
Overall, Dragonhammer's new album is a very carefuly produced release, setting the standards very high for the other Power / Progressive Metal acts out there. I am sure the metalheads who like this Metal genre will love Time For Expiation. Highlights of this release, in my opinion, are the self-title track Time For Expiation, Eternal Sinner and Blind Justice. Of course this doesn't mean that the other songs are not good enough, but it's just that I liked those more. Well-done boys. I can't wait for your next album but until then... I am immortal, the witness of death...

8 / 10


"Time For Expiation" Track-listing:

Eternal Sinner
Fear Of A Child
The Pages I Never Wrote
Free Land
Blind Justice
Time For Expiation

Dragonhammer Lineup:

Max Aguzzi - Vocals, Guitars
Alex Valdambrini - Keyboards
Gae Amodio - Bass
Raf Condemi - Drums

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