EP-1 The Winged Snake


For a band to construct melancholical symphonies and mix them with grooves so relentless that […]
By Jack Webb
February 2, 2015
Draeds - EP-1 The Winged Snake album cover

For a band to construct melancholical symphonies and mix them with grooves so relentless that it is impossible to resist headbanging along, it takes a particular set of skills. These skills are exactly what French DIY project DRAEDS have in droves.  Now I say "DIY" project as DRAEDS do not conform to any genre, jumping from death metal to post-rock to ambient in the blink of an eye, creating vast landscapes as the tracks evolve, contort and adapt.

EP opener "Head Up to Space" encapsulates you within the world of DRAEDS, using the spoken word the listener is transported to a far distant land, Follow up track "Rough Times" is where the full abilities of DRAEDS comes through. A constantly changing algorithm of  technicality and musical prowess. Much in the vein of bands such as TESSERACT, the vocals are not deployed as the focal point here, but more as an accompaniment to the instrumentals.

Whilst the EP closer "The Blood is Boiling" leans more towards the computerised sounds offered by this type of music, there is still an overwhelming sense of an organic process taking part. The mix itself feels alive, with reverb and chorus effects being used to great effect, and this perfectly mirrors the tracks as the EP in its entirety feels like a progression.

There is a point where this form of music becomes too overloaded. Too many instruments are trying to create different paths and all we are left with is flat track that feels like it is trying too hard to impress. Thankfully this is not the case here, as diverse as the range of instruments are, each one is allowed room to breathe. Rather than creating a flat musical landscape this freedom for each instrument creates an ebb and flow to each track that is not only musically pleasing, it is a rarity within the genre.

8 / 10


"EP-1 The Winged Snake" Track-listing:

1. Head Up to Space
2. Rough Times
3. Nothing Changes
4. The Blood is Boiling

Draeds Lineup:

No Information Available

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