A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1: The Way Down

Dr. Zilch

Judging from the cover art, this must be an Industrial release. It seems I'm goddamn […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 11, 2006
Dr. Zilch - A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1: The Way Down album cover

Judging from the cover art, this must be an Industrial release. It seems I'm goddamn right! It doesn't seem bad. Not at all. Even the name is Industrial. I know, telling jokes is one of my weaknesses. Anyway, this release kept me busy for some days but it finally showed that it was worth all the time I devoted in order to review it.
Dr. Zilch come from Portugal, a country that never had a tradition with Metal bands, except Moonspell. They were formed in late 1997. After recording a three-track Demo, they signed a contract with Universal Music. After some lineup changes, they recorded Artcore XXI(1999). The album received great critical acclaim. Dr. Zilch went through lineup changes for one more time, having at last a complete lineup. They formed their own label, Artcore Records and in 2005 released A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1: The Way Down.
Dr. Zilch are influenced by bands such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein. Some of their tracks could easily be a part of a Marilyn Manson or a Rammstein record. Some of you will say: Some more Marilyn Manson wannabes. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but despite their obvious influences, Dr. Zilch have developed their own, personal style. Rough and merciless, they earn someone's attention from his first contact with the CD. No matter what, the listener gets lost somewhere between reality and Dr. Zilch's digital hell. The samples, that are used perfectly, create a darker atmosphere. Sometimes their tracks get more symphonic (Rammstein style) and tear everything apart!
Apart from their full of rage and anger tracks, Dr. Zilch express their melancholic moods and their more sensitive side through some slower and atmospheric tracks. Some may describe them as ballads. Why not? Especially Way Down To Hell is a track that can make you think of a few things that happen around us everyday. Their lyrics are characterized by pessimism and self-destructive tensions. In fact, the lyrics are based on a concept talking about someone called Johnny. His life is full of pain, anger, fear and obsessions.
Dr. Zilch is surely a band you have to check out. I don't think traditional Metal fans will like this release but everyone who is attracted by the darker side of Metal will be welcomed to their world.

8 / 10


"A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1: The Way Down" Track-listing:

Dear Mr. Clown
Another Sucker
Suicide Now!
Games Of Wonder
The Ultimate Aberration
Made In Hell
Goddamn Filthy
World Fallin' Down
The Unspeakable Speechless Pain
The Ezrin Factory
The Rise And Fall Of Johnny Starlight And The Bugs From Uranus
Way Down To Hell
A Little Taste Of Hell (Part 1)

Dr. Zilch Lineup:

Brr - Bass & Vocals
Nuno Fadigas - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming & DJing
Fernando MC - Guitars, Vocals & Programming
Henrique Guerra - Drums & Vocals

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