Complete Downfall


Spain's popular Melodic Death Metal bands, DORMANTH is back again with their fourth album on […]
By Laura Glover
December 20, 2020
Dormanth - Complete Downfall album cover

Spain's popular Melodic Death Metal bands, DORMANTH is back again with their fourth album on December 15, 2020. "Complete Downfall" runs eleven tracks, with influences such as DARK TRANQUILITY, AMORPHIS, and PARADISE LOST. DORMANTH became a band in 1993, and after several releases grew in popularity throughout Spain. Although it seems with each new release, the band's sound morphs. As well as the album tempo as a whole. I find that their sound, while decent, just does not have that certain thing that makes it stand out. Each piece is played in time, vocals are growled well, and yet it is somehow missing something. The album itself is not fast paced by nature. Melodic guitars, bass, and drums make a smooth background rhythm.

"Dreamcatcher" - Rolls in with some trippy beats, mind bending notes that lead the way to Oscar Del Val's strong voice. At about the ¾ mark of the song, the guitar tempo picks up a bit and adds some needed fire to the song. Melodic and doom sounding, sweeping sadness we are left in. "Fire" - In writing, one must compose sentence structure a certain way or it will read blandly. I feel the guitar notes in this song have not met that structure that makes it interesting. There is a guitar solo halfway through the song, I still am not feeling it emotionally though. "Tragicomic Day" - Soft and full of dark death, and doom. Melancholic and brooding, Oscars vocals invoke some sadness. I do feel the musical composition sometimes falls into the background in competition with Oscar's vocals. He has a great voice. Maybe the musical part is too soft in decibel's in comparison. I feel we need much more emotion from the notes being played though.

"Beyond the Gates" - Now here we go, the guitar has much more power here and it makes such a huge difference! Tempos match in vocals and notes, and it captures that much needed flow some of the other songs lack. Yet there is still moody, softer, dark parts sprinkled throughout. Even the guitar solo in this one is much more powerful! I like this song. "Dark Times For the God's Creation" - Doom notes of dark waves, however I feel this musical part is subpar again. We need the fire back that the last song had. Which convinces me the band has the needed skill to create the sound they are aiming for. Which leads me to believe if they keep on creating they will hit the mark beautifully at some point.

In conclusion, this is a good album; easy to listen to. But lacks some of the potential it could have. COULD is the key word as I feel like they will get there, as I stated. DORMANTH is worth checking out, they do appear put together production-wise. Their album art is great, as well as sending a good promo kit. Which is always important in my book. Keep it up guys! I hope to hear more from you someday.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Complete Downfall" Track-listing:

1. Dreamcatcher
2. Fire
3. Tragicomic Day
4. Beyond the Gates
5. Odyssey in Time
6. The Origin
7. Dark Times of the God's Creation
8. -273° K
9. Brainstorm
10. Crystal Bone
11. Bloody Scars

Dormanth Lineup:

Oscar Del Val - Vocals/Guitars
Jokin Andres - Guitar
Isma Fernandez - Bass
Javi Martinez - Drums

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