The Grand Scheme of Things

Dormant Ordeal

Things" is the group's third full-length album, released by Selfmadegod Records on December 3, 2021. […]
By Alex Barnard
February 28, 2022
Dormant Ordeal - The Grand Scheme of Things album cover

Things" is the group's third full-length album, released by Selfmadegod Records on December 3, 2021.

The music on this album is very interesting to me. As a general note, it makes me think that I need to start paying attention more to releases from Selfmadegod Records, as even though they say their releases are just "Death Metal," they certainly seem to take the genre to another level (see my review of REDEMPTOR for further context). Now, in the group's press kit, the label indicates that this album is a must-listen for fans of bands like MORBID ANGEL, ULCERATE, and HATE ETERNAL. To be sure, I certainly agree with them; however, I don't think of those bands when I'm listening to this album. The key difference between the music on "The Grand Scheme of Things" and those other bands is this sounds much more traditionally melodic. What I mean is this group is not a Melo-Death band like HYPOCRISY or ARCH ENEMY, as those groups tend to rely on motifs from NWOBHM. However, they are certainly not like bands that play in the Tampa Bay style because they rely less on chromatics and diminished harmonies and more on strictly diatonic harmonies. In this way, DORMANT ORDEAL create a sound that is simultaneously pummelling and easy to listen to.

Of course, the musicianship and songwriting deserves high praise. Maciek Nieścioruk's guitar work is absolutely phenomenal, and his riffing combines elements of traditional Death Metal with atmospheric groups like NEUROSIS and even DEAFHEAVEN, particularly in the solo sections (e.g. the natural harmonics towards the end of "Letters to Mr. Smith"). Maciej Proficz's singing style is gruff, akin to fellow countryman Nergal of BEHEMOTH. And finally, what a machine Radek Kowal is! Just listen to "Let the Light In" - I didn't know someone could do a blast beat for that long.

Other highlights from this album include "Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores," which, aside from having a fantastic title, brilliantly mixes elements of Black Metal with purely devastating Death Metal; "At the Garden's Gates," a full-throttle opener that launches you headfirst into the madness that is this album; and "The Borders of Our Language Are Not The Borders of Our World," a groovy album closer with a poignant message in this time of strife.

Overall, "The Grand Scheme of Things" is an album that you must listen to immediately - and that's an order! DORMANT ORDEAL are not your average Death Metal band, despite how their label seems to market them. They appear to be in a league all their own, and this album is their mission statement.

10 / 10









"The Grand Scheme of Things" Track-listing:

1. At the Garden's Gates
2. Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores
3. Bright Constellations
4. Here Be Dragons
5. Letters to Mr. Smith
6. Let the Light In
7. Sides of Defence
8. The Borders of Our Language Are Not The Borders of Our World

Dormant Ordeal Lineup:

Maciek Nieścioruk - Guitars & Bass
Maciej Proficz - Vocals
Radek Kowal - Drums

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