This is a very strong debut from a band that clearly is already on the right path to what they aim to achieve.
November 27, 2023

DOOMHERRE is a Swedish doom metal band who formed in 2021. “Bonegoat” is their debut album. Debut albums can be tricky. Sometimes they can come off as messy, unconfident, and somewhat aimless. I’m happy to write that none of these things can be applied to DOOMHERE’s “Bonegoat.” This is a very strong debut from a band that clearly is already on the right path to what they aim to achieve And what is that exactly? Doom. Straight up, classic/traditional doom fucking metal. As with any doom of this style, the band incorporates a bluesy atmosphere and even some punk inspired moments And it isn’t just the style that is impressive—the album sounds amazing too. It isn’t overly polished but it definitely sounds a lot better than a lot of bands can pull off for a first album.

So I’ve covered their style and just how good it sounds. But what of the meat of the album? How is this beast presented? I’ll tell you how: neverending riffs. The guitars and bass both provide the slow motion grooves. Even when they have bursts of speed, the guitars still crush ever so heavily. But that bass is two fold. It is here to provide that heavy backdrop but it’s also here to help the drums with solid rhythm. Both do an amazing job in that area. The drums are engaging with a fluid feel to them. They aren’t flashy but they don’t need to be. What the drums need is to be there when called upon and help direct the flow. They do and do it well.

The title track opens the album with thick grooves from the guitars and emotional clean vocals that are just rough enough to capture much sought after emotional weight. Around the 3:30 mark, the music fades out to let those vocals wail through before the band comes back even heavier for the later half. The flurry of drums are both exciting and enticing, as is the bass. The bass becomes center stage near the end of the song while the bell tolls until the distortion creeps back in. Very good opening song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Oh and that ending solo smokes.

Sabbatsberg” is one of two instrumentals. This one in particular is melancholic and dark with a sense of foreboding attached to the lead parts. The rest of the song grows into a huge miasma of sound, enveloping the senses as it winds down. Short, but very very sweet. “Breaking The Seal” is slow and loud in the beginning—love the smokey bass that takes the song for a walk behind the heavy riffs that hang like lead. Around the 2:46 mark the song provides stoner jams before segueing back into those darker waters. “Man In The Tower” is my favorite song on the album. The riffs are massive and had be grooving so hard I had trouble typing this review. The vocals are spot on, energetic and commanding but not overpowering of the instrumentals. The last minute and a half or so is the lead guitar going balls out while the rhythm section also rocks out in the best way.

Ultimately, DOOMHERRE’s “Bonegoat” is a late year end surprise and a very strong debut. I don’t know what the future will bring for them but I can bet it will be heavy and promise I’ll be watching their every move.

8 / 10









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"Bonegoat" Track-listing:
  1. Bonegoat
  2. We Come for the Witch
  3. Sabbatsberg
  4. Forgotten One
  5. Breaking the Seal
  6. Circle of Blood
  7. Spreading the Sounds of Doom
  8. Man in the Tower
Doomherre Lineup:

Max Collin - Bass
Daniel Strachal - Drums
Victor Takala - Vocals (lead), Guitars

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