Mix the all-time classic value of BLACK SABBATH with the MOTORHEAD bad-ass rock 'n' roll […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
May 9, 2010
DoomDogs - DoomDogs album cover

Mix the all-time classic value of BLACK SABBATH with the MOTORHEAD bad-ass rock 'n' roll attitude and the REVEREND BIZARRE (RIP) mature heaviness. Yeap, the result is DOOMDOGS' sound and you gonna love it, if you wanna hear some 'sludgy Doom 'n' roll', as the band baptizes the music here. The Swedish cold and blessed land of Gothenburg makes once again the miracle and another doom band sees the light, following SABBATH's Mega tunes, also the CULT OF LUNA sludge-ness and CROWBAR's 'dirt' layer. So, High Roller Records takes the opportunity to offer us a nice vinyl edition of DOOMDOGS debut album which is going to fill your speakers with some well-played Doom/ Stoner muddy riffs and blow your ears out bleeding!

"Fight The Greed" does an excellent job in opening the self-titled album and goes straight to the point: slow, sonorous and heavy tunes hide behind the spooky riff the pompous bass and the desperate growling in agony scream the truth of DOOMDOGS that reads in the refrain, "fight the greed, what we need?". "Dogs Of Doom" is the highlight of the album, in my opinion, having something from REVEREND BIZARRE's past glory, since Tomas "GG" Eriksson's readings reminding me a little of Albert Witchfinder's vocal style; note also the up tempo heavy riffs, fact that could be turn it into the modern "Electric Funeral". Am I a blasphemous? Oh no, I don't think so; "Calling" carries all the unspeakable guts of DOOMDOGS and reveals theabsolute scene of the Fallen Eden, underlining the depth of the uglified doom-core vocals.

In Side B of the vinyl release, you can find the SABBATH-esque "I'm Sure" with the CATHEDRAL groovy riff and the MOTORHEAD-ish lyrics, and also the heavy tunes of "The Game", songs that create the suffocated atmosphere toped off by Patrik's characteristic bass, amongst PLACE OF SKULLS rigidness and NEUROSIS solid aura. Regarding the closing "Shout" I can simply say that is a sample of what would be happened if MOTORHEAD decided to play some doom staff: the ascendant bass in combination with GG's vocals refers to the definition of the 'sludgy Doom 'n' roll' and is the perfect track to close the album after 43 minutes approximately.

So, people, the DOOMDOGS record is on the table, the 'dogs' are unleashed and the doors are wide open. Hey, you fuckin' doomheads, what are you waiting for? Scream your prayers loud and buy this one instantly to save your glutton souls!

"Must have had so much fun
All that alcohol
Live fast and Die young
I sure live by that rule"

8 / 10


"DoomDogs" Track-listing:
  1. Fight The Greed
  2. Dogs Of Doom
  3. Calling
  4. I'm Sure
  5. The Game
  6. Shout
DoomDogs Lineup:

GG - Vocals
Christer - Guitars
Patrik - Bass
Nanne - Drums

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