Beautiful Things

Donnie Vie

DONNIE VIE is, in case you do not know, the lead singer of the American […]
By Marco Angileri
October 1, 2019
Donnie Vie - Beautiful Things album cover

DONNIE VIE is, in case you do not know, the lead singer of the American band Enuff Z'Nuff, a glam and rock band quite famous in the nineties, with 14 albums released so far (some of their hit were "Fly High Michelle" or the ballad "Right by your Side"). To promote the album, DONNIE VIE has filmed a great new music video for a cover of the John Lennon classic, "Instant Karma", which sees him playing piano by the sea...and strumming the guitar on the street! But along with these fun scenes lies a more serious message - trying to right what is wrong in the world today.

"Beautifult Things" is the fourth solo album from his solo career, following "Just Enough!" (2003), "Wrapped Around my Middle Finger" (2012) and "The white album" (2014), and features great artists playing on it, such as Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X), Roger Manning (Jellyfish), Matt Walker (Garbage), among many others. Given the video intro, unsurprisingly the album pay a big tribute to the Beatles, in terms of sound and harmony. "Beautiful Things" (the song) is classy opener, dreamy and enjoyable. The riff of "Plain Jane", as well as the chorus, and the bridge, seem to be out of some modern release from the Fab Four (and I intend that as a compliment) - as well as the following "Breaking me Down".
The best moment of the album is the delicate ballad "Fly", softly played on a piano, with a delightful and celestial vocal performance from DONNIE VIE.

"I'll Surrender" is a great example of acoustic uptempo rock, that pairs greatly with the penultimate "Fallin' through the Pages", while the final ballad "Back from the blue" closes in great style a great comeback from a great artist. After five years, DONNIE is back with a fresh and enjoyable album, made of great melodies and a lot of class. Worth the wait!

8 / 10









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"Beautiful Things" Track-listing:

1. Beautiful Things
2. Plain Jaine
3. Breaking Down
4. I Could Save the World
5. Fly
6. Tender Lights
7. I'll Surrender
8. Whatever
9. Fallin' through the Page
10. Back from the Blue

Donnie Vie Lineup:

Donnie Vie - Vocals

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