Don The Reader

Not only this band is one more Metal band that tries to mix Hardcore with […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 7, 2008
Don The Reader - Humanesque album cover

Not only this band is one more Metal band that tries to mix Hardcore with Metal and add some 'epic' and melodic choruses (I guess you understood what I am talking about), but they also couldn't spend some time to mention their line up somewhere so what I managed to find is only the names and who plays what in this band. I don't even give a damn if I have written down the line up correctly.

The US post metallers have already one EP out and I didn't find any other releases, not that I really care, and this is their debut album through Deathcote Records. Want to find out more about them? Go search yourselves...

The band is this Post Hardcore/Metal act with many influences from bands like BOTCH, CULT OF LUNA, ISIS, THE CHARIOT and stuff like that, but you know that this kind of music has become some sort of a trend and it has really started to annoy me. I have ran out of words to describe these band, since there are some parts that are really clever and I am amazed with the composing skills some bands have, but every shitty noise they make sounds like 'art' to their fans. Ok, you have some down tuned guitars and bass here creating a heavy veil of 'noise' and brutal vocals screaming out the melancholy that is deep in your hearts.

That's how some people describe this music. Anyway, this will surely be a really good album for the fans of this music, but I really can't listen to one more Post/Noise/modern Hardcore album. Show some mercy!

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Humanesque" Track-listing:

Pre-Self Deficiency
Designer Flesh
Makeshift Splendor
Swallowed New Orleans

Don The Reader Lineup:

Mike Roberts - Vocals
Kenny Cullens - Guitar
Michael McCullough - Guitar
Sergio Hernandez - Bass
Nick Leombruno - Drums

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