I accidentally fumbled upon DOMKRAFT on Bandcamp. And hence here I am reviewing what I […]
By V.Srikar
October 21, 2018
Domkraft - Flood album cover

I accidentally fumbled upon DOMKRAFT on Bandcamp. And hence here I am reviewing what I think is a great band with their 2nd full length released this October 19th. "Flood" captures you right from the album art work. The 1st song "Landslide" is a 10 minutes lesson in psychedelic trippy music. With slow atmospheric doomy riffs, the vocals are faint and almost begging to not be heard. The faint guitar work in the mid sections bring so much new to the table, and the song immediately gets back to the heavier thicker sludgy riffs, and gets pacier as it progresses. Its slow, its repetitive, its long, its doom, its home.

"The Watchers" is just under 5 min song, but goes along the same riff and tangent as its predecessor. Its not an impressive song considering the context of the song in the album, but it does shower you with some cool fast shrieky and sharp riffs towards the end and it does keep the interest of the listener right there. The title track "Flood" has thick pounding riffs all over the song. It takes you to a whole different galaxy that can only be found through this music and your imagination. It's there, it's a 5:29 min song, but feels like eternity. "They Appear To Be Alive" is a short 1:29 min continuation trippy guitar work of "Flood". It somehow doesn't feel out of place or repetitive. "Sandwalker" is a 7 min powerhouse.

The sharp repetitive riffs along with the rhythmic drum beats and the shift of pace in the mid-section makes this song all the more unique and entertaining. You simply couldn't leave out a song titled "Octopus" in an album with album artwork of an octopus. "Octopus" has some really cool riffs, which are quintessential Doom riffs and not sludgy or groovy at their core. The album ends with an 8 min song in "Dead Eyes, Red Skies". Usually with long ultimate songs like this one, I would have high expectations and this one is no different, but unfortunately, this one falls short of my expectations. Its not a bad song by any means, in fact its got some really cool juicy riffs in there and gets you in the groove and the trip that it promises, but just not good enough to really finish this album off in style.

All in all, "Flood" is a great album for Doom Metal fans, albeit with flaws and some weak parts. It does bring something unique to the table, but is the Doom, that we all love Doom Metal for. Keep it Doom, keep it heavy.

8 / 10









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"Flood" Track-listing:

1. Landslide
2. The Watchers
3. Flood
4. They Appear To Be Alive
5. Sandwalker
6. Octopus
7. Dead Eyes, Red Skies

Domkraft Lineup:

Martin Widholm - Guitar
Martin Wegeland - Bass & Vocals
Anders Dahlgren - Drums

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