Let the Death Enter


DOMINANZ comes for all our heads as well as our souls in the ominously threatening […]
By Kyle Scott
February 27, 2019
Dominanz - Let the Death Enter album cover

DOMINANZ comes for all our heads as well as our souls in the ominously threatening Let the Death Enter. This third full-length album comes out like a knife-weilding maniac from the bushes; uncontainable, unstable and unafraid to leave you bleeding. Cultivating a rich, destructive yet darkly beautiful sound on par with ATROCITY, DOMINANZ roars and rips their instruments apart all while set to a backdrop of dissonant symphonic tones that paint the background in a mix of colors marred by coal dust and soot.

Let the Death Enter has moments of Victorian beauty with softly sung harmonies warbling in the distance like a chorus of mournful angels weeping from above at the wanton destruction of the world below them. The album unfolds like the apocalypse in increments of ten; like DOMINANZ took chaos whole, cut it into even pieces and arranged the entire thing back in order. As far as Extreme Metal goes, DOMINANZ easily has weight to its sound. Weight that the band has no problem throwing around for Let the Death Enter. Leaving behind the need for dramatic buildup as evidenced on their previous albums, Let the Death Enter is already well aware it doesn't need to wheedle out any begging for mercy from its audience by their Doom-like guitar plodding, and instead cuts right to the grueling chase with breakneck riffs and trauma-inducing drum beatings. Not to mention lead vocalist Roy Mathisen bombarding the ears with his most brutal vocals to date on "Death Is Watching You" and the band's recent single "Ruins of Destruction".

There are still plenty of demons from their past still wailing in the wings, but beyond that, DOMINANZ's Let the Death In is every bit bigger and badder than its predecessors. For an audio-induced head injury, DOMINANZ's Let the Death In has got you covered.

9 / 10

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"Let the Death Enter" Track-listing:

1. Death Is Watching You
2. Lucifer
3. Let the Death Enter
4. Code of Silence
5. Occendi Credentis
6. Ruins of Destruction
7. Troops of Hell
8. Born with Desires
9. Echoes from the Moment of Death
10. Absense of the Sun

Dominanz Lineup:

Frode Gaustad - Drums
Roy Mathisen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Luis Vilches - Guitars

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