Lightning Strikes Again


DOKKEN is a band that was formed during the 80s, a decade that is considered […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
April 4, 2008
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again album cover

DOKKEN is a band that was formed during the 80s, a decade that is considered by many as the golden times of Heavy Metal. Albums like Breaking The Chains, Tooth And Nail or Back For The Attack established the band from Los Angeles in the Metal scene although many think them as a Glam Metal act. The internal problems and especially those that were risen by the artist conflicts between Don Dokken and George Lynch proved to be a hindrance for DOKKEN that had to go through a silent period.
Apparently, those days are over (and Lynch is no longer in the lineup) and the American band returns with the tenth studio album Lightning Strikes Again. Actually, the album shares the same title with a song that comes from the 1984 release Under Lock And Key.
Standing On The Outside is the perfect album opener; it kicks in with an excellent guitar groove that joins Don harsh and melodic voice. The chorus follows the mid 80s pattern with catchy lines and some very good lead and fills, courtesy of Mr Levin. An even more classic clean guitar intro takes us to the Hard Rocker Give Me A Reason were Don proves that he can still sing in the higher octaves in a very good shape. Heart To Stone is a classic American Hard Rock track in the vein of WINGER with the distinct dirty guitar sound while Disease reminded me of the latest EUROPE album especially due the voice effect. As you probably know in these album a power ballad is a must and to prove my saying next in the tracklist is How I Miss Your Smile that for an evil reason dug out the ugly memories from BON JOVI's latest album. Oasis is an excellent guitar driven track where Levin uses artificial harmonics in his leads and really spice things up.  
The fact that I am not a die-hard  DOKKEN makes me an ideal reviewer for this album since I won't lose my time comparing it to the band's previous works. Other songs that made me push the play button additional times are the fast Point Of No Return, the groovy and kind of Heavy It Means where Don sings in his best and This Fire where the guitar will make you take your hat off to Levin for another time.
Personally, I am very happy that DOKKEN are back with an album that will spend more time in player keeping me company during my beer drinking time.

8 / 10


"Lightning Strikes Again" Track-listing:

Standing On The Outside
Give Me A Reason
Heart To Stone
How I Miss Your Smile
Point Of No Return
I Remember
Judgment Day
It Means
Release Me
This Fire

Dokken Lineup:

Don Dokken - Vocals
Mick Wild Brown - Drums
Barry Sparks - Bassist
Jon Levin - Guitars

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