Hell To Pay


As it's getting hotter by the day, I usually love sitting in my wooden armchair […]
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
June 3, 2004
Dokken - Hell To Pay album cover

As it's getting hotter by the day, I usually love sitting in my wooden armchair on the terrace, listening to new stuff as well as the good old classical things I always love listening to.
A week ago, as I was sipping my ice-tea, listening to Dokken's  good old Back For The Attack (1987) a small birdie landed on my table with a CD in it's mouth. Hey there little birdie! What are you holding in your mouth? I asked the birdie but it seemed very sad (have you ever seen a depressed bird? God, it broke my heart) and overstuffed with the CD in it's mouth and well, it just left the CD on the table and flew away leaving me scratching my head with curiosity.
The expression on my face suddenly changed to pretty surprised as I noticed that the CD was none other than the new Dokken album, Hell To Pay. I run at my computer right away and inserted the disc in my CD drive, pressed the play button on my music utility, turned up the volume on my surround speakers and...And I wish I was a birdie so that I could fly away too!
Hell To Pay is an album that sounds entirely as if Don Dokken (vocals) and the rest of the band had hell to pay for Sanctuary Records. Yeah, something like they got together one day and Don went we owe Sanctuary some money so let's throw a few songs in an album and we're done. That's how I feel about it whenever I dare disappoint myself by clicking on the play button...This is by far the most boring Dokken album in the band's history. I can't believe I'm saying that for one of the bands I used to love listening to so much (and I still do...except for this album). It's songs like Still I'm Sad and Letter To Home which make me die of sleepiness (or maybe it's because of the song Prozac Nation) whilst the other songs simply kill the joy of listening to Dokken.
The monotonic wave of "Hell To Pay is probably a message to Don Dokken himself that maybe he should call it quits or at least try and make it up to his fans on a next album (if there will ever be a next album).
There are no songs on Hell To Pay that are less boring than the rest, they all give me the same bad feeling (that I've ended up wishing I was a bird...duh).
I'm sorry Don but you've disappointed me...and I'm a fan of Dokken (I'll go listen to Breaking the Chains right now...that will probably cheer me up).

3 / 10


"Hell To Pay" Track-listing:

The Last Goodbye
Don't Bring Me Down
Prozac Nation
Care For You
Better Off Before
Still I'm Sad
I Surrender
Letter To Home
Can You See
Care For You (Unplugged)

Dokken Lineup:

Don Dokken - Vocals
John Levin - Guitar
Barry Sparks - Bass
Mick Brown - Drums

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