Scandinavia has become almost synonymous with Black Metal over the years, as this is the […]
By Danny Sanderson
March 1, 2015
Dødsfall - Kaosmakt album cover

Scandinavia has become almost synonymous with Black Metal over the years, as this is the area of the world from which some of the best, most influential and most controversial Black Metal bands have come from. Currently based in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, DØDSFALL are one band that are following in the footsteps of the originators of the genre. Since their formation in 2009, the band have been very busy musically, releasing a demo, and EP and four full length albums, the latest being "Kaosmakt". This record is also their debut with the legendary French label Osmose Production, who have released records by some of the bands that shaped and defined the early Black Metal scene, such as ENSLAVED, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, HATE FOREST and of course IMMORTAL. This label has a lofty and well deserved reputation for putting out fantastic releases, and this one is no different.

Straight from the first notes of this album, it's clear that this album is, like their other releases, rooted in the old school, raw Black Metal sound. The opener "Merket I Sjel og Blod" is a fast track with a low fi, harsh quality to it. It's an incredibly powerful track, and is a great way to start this album. The song that comes after it, "Forakt for Livet", is brilliant. It brings to mind bands like BEHEXEN and TAAKE musically, and the vocals hang over the whole track very well, and command your attention. There aren't many bands that are able to pull off this kind of Black Metal, but this band manage to do it extremely well. "Under Fane av Kosmik Hat" is perhaps the best example of how to make this kind of music work well. The drumming is impressive, the guitar lines are ferocious, and the vocals rasp over it all like the icing on a particularly evil cake. The album's title track is another really brilliant song, and is played with a degree of confidence and authority that many Black Metal acts fail to capture. The drumming is the strongest at this point than anywhere else on the album, surging through the song like a tank until the songs conclusion.

"Heksens Natt" is a blisteringly fast, almost Punk-esque piece of music which sounds incredibly angry and vicious, and is easily one of the most memorable tracks on this record. "Ain" takes its foot off the pedal somewhat and is more of a straight forward, mid-paced slab of raw Black Metal with brilliant, howling vocals, and grim, eerie guitar lines. And then it's time for the fifth and longest track; "Fitte av Kristus". It's a long, sprawling song with lots of different musical elements that have been on display on this record within it. There's a Punk edge, dissonant, dark riffs and raw, thrashing ones as well. It basically has everything you could ever want from a Black Metal song.

This is a band that I have sadly overlooked until this point. They write great songs in the style of the masters of the second wave, but manage to maintain their own unique sounds and style in the process. If you like your Black Metal raw, dark and fearsome, then this is a record, and indeed a band, that you should be keeping an eye on.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Kaosmakt" Track-listing:

1. Merket I Sjel og Blod
2. Forakt for Livet
3. Under Fane av Kosmik Hat
4. Kaosmakt
5. Heksenes Natt
6. Ain
7. Fitte av Kristus

Dødsfall Lineup:

Is - Guitars, Bass
Adramelech - Vocals

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