Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DØDSDRIFT; signed via Vendetta Records, […]
January 4, 2022
Dødsdrift - Ødnis album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DØDSDRIFT; signed via Vendetta Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Black Metal, on their sophomore record entitled "Ødnis" (released October 15th, 2021). Since formation in 2019; this anomaly in question have 2 Singles entitled: "Vorboten" (released July 29th, 2019), "Märtyrer des Geistes" (released October 5th, 2019) and 2 Full-length albums in their discography so far entitled: "Weltenszission" (released October 20th, 2019) alongside this here 2nd album entitled: "Ødnis". 10 tracks ranging at around 41:39; the unknown blasphemers arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this hazy landscape of atmospheric ambience, a daunting impulse explodes with raw rough profanity. "Fährde" starts things off with this rumbling reverberation of trembling mayhem; bulldozing drum hammerings, which rambunctiously piledrives with sulfurous stompiness & volatile rift. The guitars inject a dissonant dexterity, embedded within this wildly rushing tonality of melancholic subjugation & razor-sharp shrieks, same could be said with the raspy throatiness with the vocals. The bass is infectiously audible, as a dynamic virtuosity rapidly swifts with monstrous savagery & sinister embrace. "Schattenschafott" has an evil empowering respite to it, elementing a borderline foundation on rip-roaring meatiness among a fluidly distilled sound production quality which bombards eardrums with vibrantly potent thumpiness while surging with sonically seamless pursuits of organic substance, riveting chugs and galloping frolics.

DØDSDRIFT engage in a momentous slab of solid stability, as bludgeoning heft impactfully harnesses a concretely gritty laceration on slaying grinds and deadly execution. "Ruß" ramifies with thunderous melody, while those mystifying shreds showcase this foggy desolation in distorted agility. A hybrid mobility manifests into a flamboyant juxtaposition on monolithic tempo & rugged remedy, trailblazing with vicious stridency while these sturdy thuds swerve with weighty tightness to boot. A cordial drum march utilizes versatile vehemence within "Herbstluft", while profusely robust attributes from aforementioned equalities which gravitates itself with wondrous yet salubrious zeal. The vocals shout with yelling aggression, as foreboding gutturals grumble into a barraged frenzy of relentless grovelling...intensified with those boisterously bouncy batterings and prodigious soars which pummel with thick layers of linear atrocities (of the good kind).

A contorted malformation transforms itself into a belting calamity on clobbering chaos within "Laere" where those harmonic hymns chime with quintessential yet polarizing revs, chiselling away with smacking retribution. Unearthing spellbinding havoc and blistering crescendos among a uproarious tremolo piercing that picks with speedy quirkiness, DØDSDRIFT supplies snappy revelations that unleash with ruthless pandemonium while this torpedo of strafing blasts assault into a beating conundrum of spectral waves of malicious torment. "Der letzte Pfad" malevolently pounds speakers with more of those skyrocketing bangs and seething riffs, while oppressive quakes create a crunchy blasphemy on chunky crispness...bombing with virulent hostility in a world of technical but ferociously bloodsoaked divinity. Gruesome but blackened death grips drills through souls with majestic resonance, where fierce firepower expertise systematically smothers you with crystal clear dissolution.

An impressive symbiosis merges with venomous mellow & wrathful intent as "Moorbrand" has a jarringly ominous prerequisite of meticulous yet towering synthesis on eerie but heavy havoc, as dark sludginess smears through with a cold grandeur while minimalistic licks continue to strum with this still laden frostiness on mountainous middling where this visionary effect immersifies with this salomon walking through a dense landscape of menacing yet well trodden path of loneliness and aerial surroundings (on his own accord). "Heimkehr" sweeps with more meager daintiness, as a distinct but distinguished sensation of trepidation and bleak isolation emotively conjures up with feverish but cavernous embrace. Fretting an enormous amount of slithering repetition on the songwriting perspective, while remaining rich and eloquent as the themes stabilize with diligent detail among an intriguing variety to boot as complexly diverse as can be on the veracious yet poignant front.

The penultimate epic "Adern des Abgrunds" has a frenetic but prolific motif of harshly atonal beams, where shivering maelstrom persistence of jagged but fleeting echoes a tremendous rhapsody of fire and chills. While the overall concluding euphony of "Enthauptet" flourishes with more bleak catharsis, of more haunting but mellifluous shrillness - impressively closing the record with the longest edge of ethereality and combustible instrumental masquerades - the bottom here is that DØDSDRIFT most surely outdone themselves with this one "Ødnis" is an evolutionary Black Metal post record that is armed with this isolated but groundbreaking segregation which makes this one an enjoyable entertaining discovery. Black Metal is becoming more so enticing as I listen more to it, as the meandering flow implements a fascinating experience every time. Worthy of spinning and replaying a good handful of timers, do check it out.

8 / 10









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"Ødnis" Track-listing:

1. Fährde
2. Schattenschafott
3. Ruß
4. Herbstluft
5. Laere
6. Der letzte Pfad
7. Moorbrand
8. Heimkehr
9. Adern des Abgrunds
10. Enthauptet

Dødsdrift Lineup:


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