The Singularity


The Canadian band DIVINITY - two years after the release of their debut album - […]
By Panos Pagonopoulos
April 14, 2010
Divinity - The Singularity album cover

The Canadian band DIVINITY - two years after the release of their debut album - returns with "The Singularity" hoping to make an even bigger impact. In 2008 with their critically acclaimed first album "Allegory" theymanaged to catch the attention of many technical Death Metal fans around the world and mostly in the USA and Canada. Now with their second release DIVINITY are trying to make one step forward in their career and gain more, and why not worldwide, recognition .Well, from what it seems "The Singularity" can really make this happen.

"The Singularity" carries on from the same style and direction of its predecessor with minor changes, but compared to it vast improvements have been made. DIVINITY remain faithful to their technical Death Metal style combing brutal Death Metal with progressive Metal, while adding a pinch of metalcore. One of the most notable improvements is that the changes between the aggressive and brutal Death Metal parts and the progressive or melodic parts are smoothed out and seem more natural than before. Generally I could say that "The Singularity" has more progressive Metal elements than "Allegory". This can be seen not only in the guitar riffs and solos but also in the bigger duration of the songs compared to their debut with 3 songs crossing for the first time the theoretical limit of 6 minutes. All the songs of the album are full of blastbeats and furious drumming, aggressive riffs combined with progressive outbursts, highly technical guitar solos and roaring growls in vocals.

The album introduces itself with the instrumental "Abiogenesis" which in its 2 minutes reflects accurately most of the characteristics of the album and gives us a good taste of what will follow. The impressive "BegToConsume" comes next which is the single of the new album (also a video clip was shoot) .This song manages to follow the same pattern with the very successful first single of their career "Plasma". Thundering blastbeats, furious death vocals together with wild full of virtuosity guitar riffs and solos, "BegToConsume" catches your attention immediately. The very good "Lay In The Bed You've Made"continues in the same aggressive style while "Transportation" follows a little bit more melodic way with its clean singing being perfectly timed and placed. One of the best songs in the album is "Embrace The Uncertain" where DIVINITY show us their metalcore side (close to the style of AS I LAY DYING) combined with lots of progressive Metal elements, and with the keyboards making their presence felt for the first time in the album. "The Singularity" ends with the wonderful "Approaching The Singularity" the most progressive song of the album with impressive vocals, excellent guitar riffs and solos and with keyboards being again a pleasant surprise.

In general "The Singularity" is a really enjoyable album but it could be better since the other songs (except from the above mentioned),despite being good enough, never managed to impress me or get my full attention.DIVINITY has lots of potential and abilities and I believe that in the future they will manage to impress us even more.This is a great album for fans of the technical Death Metal genre and fans of bands such as MESHUGGAH etc and it would be a shame to let this release go by unnoticed.

7 / 10


"The Singularity" Track-listing:
  1. Abiogenesis
  2. Beg To Consume
  3. Lay In The Bed You've Made
  4. Emergent
  5. Transformation
  6. Monsters Are Real
  7. Embrace The Uncertain
  8. Formless Dimension
  9. Approaching The Singularity
Divinity Lineup:

Sean Jenkins - Lead Vocals
James Duncan - Guitars
Brett Duncan - Drums
Sacha Laskow - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Nick Foster - Bass, Vocals

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