I always pick up a release that is listed as Melodic Death hopin that it […]
By Ian Kaatz
June 14, 2008
Divinity - Allegory album cover

I always pick up a release that is listed as Melodic Death hopin that it will touch me the way that IN FLAMES' Clayman or SOILWORK's A Natural Born Chaos did.  I am consistently let down with the quality of the music coming from the once mighty Melodic Death scene.  I am hoping that DIVINITY's debut work will do something if anything for me.

This album came out in March through Nuclear Blast and is the band's debut.  Though, they started out in 1997 in their homeland, Canada.  They have shared the stage with CANNIBAL CORPSE, OVERKILL, and QUO VADIS and will be jumping on the 'Summer Slaughter Canada Tour'.

I think that the stand out track is definitely Methodic;  it features the greatest diversity of all the songs featuring some pretty technical drum and guitar work while having some very melodic parts.  The vocals of Sean are particularly sweet as long as he veers away from the Grindcore/Death sound rather then the somewhat comprehensible Melodic Death style.  When the clean vocals are used it is very reminiscent of a SOILWORK sound, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The other parts of the songs seem to be fitting to their kind of genre soup. The other stand out was Chasm particularly once again do to the crisp clean vocals.  I also like the Prog Metal sound that the chorus has with guitar effect and the dual vocalists.  There is also a smidgen of Tech Death in certain parts and I could swear there were DILINGER ESCAPE PLAN undertones.  

The downfall of the album is that the tracks give off too much of a Tech Death feeling due to the odd time signatures or too much of a Grind/Deathcore kind excessive blastbeats.  I do like the fact that they are trying different things with the genre of Melodic Death and  I do feel that if DIVINITY gets their music to the right crowd of people they will do fairly well in the underground; but I don't think that they will get to even a mid-tier status.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Allegory" Track-listing:

Power Control
Modern Prophecy
The Unending
The Diarist

Divinity Lineup:

Sean Jenkins - Vocals
James Duncan - Guitars
Brett Duncan - Drums
Sacha Laskow - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick Foster - Bass

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