The Uncovering

Divine Ascension

World-class, Progressive Metal outfit, DIVINE ASCENSION, have returned, unleashing their brand new album, "The Uncovering," […]
November 18, 2018
Divine Ascension - The Uncovering album cover

World-class, Progressive Metal outfit, DIVINE ASCENSION, have returned, unleashing their brand new album, "The Uncovering," upon the world. DIVINE ASCENSION's second release, "Liberator" launched them on a 30+ date tour of Europe supporting STRATOVARIUS with GLORYHAMMER. They conquered their own shores nationally, supporting BILND GUARDAIAN on their full national tour and then went on to complete a lengthy headline tour of Australia. The band showcased their unique and energetic performance to a swathe of passionate and expressive fans across the globe while refining and further enhancing their product. "The Uncovering" contains ten new tracks.

"Evermore" leads off the album, with a flurry of keyboard notes and guitars, before settling into a mid-tempo riff with harmonic vocals and bit of symphony. Borg has that perfect voice for and full-bodied. The guitar solo absolutely dominates. At the end, she shows a tender touch. "Prisoner" is a bit shorter and slower, dominating the lower end of the spectrum with symphonic elements in the background. The big chorus put a stamp on the song, as it lingers on you long after it is done. Another fantastic guitar solo rounds out the song. "The Fallen" is a faster moving song, opening with thick guitar harmonies. The production here is excellent, as we can hear every movement of every instrument.

"Pursuit of Desire" opens with charming keyboard notes, which lead to a bossy guitar riff. Some clean male vocals mix in here, creating a layer of texture that is easy on the ears. It has a tender sound overall, high with emotions. "New World" opens with some heavy keys that blend into a wonderful guitar riff. Borg stretches out into a higher range here, remaining in pitch the entire time. "Revolution Phase" moves a little slower, but still with melody, and is a bit darker in scope, switching to minor keys here and there. The chorus is big and full and followed by a bridge with some eerie organ notes. "Beyond the Line" has a SYMPHONY X type opening, with a big, fat guitar sound and a punishing rhythm section. They push another big chorus here as well, with some spacy sounding keyboards.

"One Step from Here" opens with the reflected melody line as the chorus. It has a combination of tough and edgy sounds with some charming and tender tones as well. "Bittersweet Divide" hears Borg open with soft clean vocals, followed by a galloping riff that moves forward quickly. She stretches out again in the chorus, really nailing it, followed by another creative guitar solo that follow the main line of melody very well. "Vultures" is a two-and-a-half minute closing song, with pensive vocals and just a little mysterious instrumentation.

Overall, this is an excellent album in the genre, with just enough Progressive elements to get your juices flowing, but not too much lest it become buried in over technical elements. Now, make no mistake, they can play, and Borg can sing for sure. They are becoming tighter and tighter as a foursome and I can feel them on the verge of breaking out. It's just not quite there yet.

8 / 10









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"The Uncovering" Track-listing:

1. Evermore
2. Prisoner
3. The Fallen
4. Pursuit of the Fallen
5. New World
6. Revolution Phase
7. Beyond the Line
8. One Step from Here
9. Bittersweet Divide
10. Vultures

Divine Ascension Lineup:

Jennifer Borg - Vocals
Karl "Inski" Szulik - Guitars
Jason Meracis - Bass
Luke Wenczel - Drums

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