Utopian Void

Distant Past

"Utopian Void", the new album by Swiss Heavy Metal band DISTANT PAST was great listening […]
By Itzik Rubin
December 16, 2013
Distant Past - Utopian Void album cover

"Utopian Void", the new album by Swiss Heavy Metal band DISTANT PAST was great listening to and I enjoyed doing this review. What I relished the most is that Distant Past is a very versatile band that brings back the glory days of 80's Metal, and the past sounds very good.

The album opening track "A Day Of Darkness" starts with a verse from the Old Testament (from Zephaniah 1:17(. The song reminds me of 80's Metal bands like DOKKEN. The following tracks "Sceptre" and "On The Edge" issue the vibe of early days Thrash mixed with 80's classic Metal. On "Faces" DISTANT PAST resemble GRAVE DIGGER while on "Kingdom Of Shadows" they go back to the old 80's melodies. That 80's sound continues and peaks at the corners of "Helpless" that starts like a soft ballad but very soon transforms into a fast tempo song that makes you head bang and air guitar away, and until the end of the album that 80's blast continues and does not disappoint.

As for me, I can only recommend the album and can only hope that DISTANT PAST will bring back the past to the present for you as they did for me.    

8 / 10


"Utopian Void" Track-listing:

1. A Day of Darkness
2. Sceptre
3. On the Edge
4. Faces
5. Kingdom of Shadows
6. Helpless
7. Guided By The Stars
8. Breath - The Spell
9. The Illusion
10. The Hell of Verdun
11. Signs Of The End
12. Touched By the Gods

Distant Past Lineup:

Jvo Julmy - Vocals
Adriano Troiano - Bass & Keyboards
Christoph Schafer - Guitar
Alain Curty - Guitar
Al Spicher - Drums
Andy Bächler - Drums
"The Onion"- Drums
Cornelia Curty - Violin
David Luterbacher - Guest Guitar

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