Heavy Death


DISRUPTED is a Death Metal band based out of Sweden. This 2014 debut EP contains […]
March 23, 2015
Disrupted - Heavy Death album cover

DISRUPTED is a Death Metal band based out of Sweden. This 2014 debut EP contains six tracks.

"Reverse the Cross" is the opening track. Immediately, the burly crunch of the guitars hits you hard, and the vocals are done in traditional brutal Death style. All the while the riff is pummeling you, there is a static energy in the background that I cannot quite put my finger on, but it adds another layer of harshness to the track. "Suffocation Molestation" has a slightly faster pace, where the main riff and dominating vocals work well in unison with one another. The use of mostly minor chords gives the song a sinister quality. "Mutilated, Dissected, Perfected" picks up even more in pace, to the point where some blast beat drumming enters the fray. The track is full on, like a locomotive in flames barreling towards you as it careens off its tracks.

"The Dead" slows down the pace somewhat, with drawn out vocal lamentations making the point. The track cracks and fizzles with more of that background static. The title track, "Heavy Death," is a strong representative for the best track on the EP. The relatively short length of most of the tracks here (under three minutes) bears a resemblance to the structure that Punk music uses, though not the sound. It is one method of imparting the most energy that you can to the listener. Closing the album is "Urge!" which comes to you with most haste. Blast beat drumming returns and they nail a nice anti-crescendo at the end.

Overall, there is no denying the band having the hard and heavy edge needed to create their brand of traditional Death Metal. The tracks are dark, energetic and relentless in their attack. If their mission is to pummel their audience into submission they have succeeded here.

7 / 10


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"Heavy Death" Track-listing:

1. Reverse the Cross
2. Suffocation Molestation
3. Mutilated, Dissected, Perfected
4. The Dead
5. Heavy Death
7. Urge!

Disrupted Lineup:

Mikael Hanni - Vocals
Thomas Liljekvist - Guitars
Johan Kvastegard - Guitars
Erik Jerka Savstrom - Bass
Jimmy Hurtig - Drums

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