Dust Of Experience

Display Of Decay

This is DISPLAY OF DECAY, and this is the band's second record since 2012's "Display […]
By Michael Coyle
November 17, 2015
Display Of Decay - Dust Of Experience album cover

This is DISPLAY OF DECAY, and this is the band's second record since 2012's "Display of Decay". We see the band return with a record that presents itself well with an already impressive cover art that does capture the eye. Through this record we will be exploring what makes this band tick and how they create.

A few words come to mind when listening to the first three tracks, relentless heavy aggressive power filtered and forced with extremity. From what we can gather the band have a very solid and very intense force to back their music as well as their ideas which show us a band very much inspired by the old school of Death metal as well as adding their own touch to their sound and their style giving us something that screams out with rage and incredible sound quality to boot. For this band we see a bunch of guys looking to take their music to a new step and deliver some very raw yet very modern Death Metal while keeping their inspirations valid and visible to the listeners.
From the tracks "Created To Kill" and "Relentless Reprisal" we see the band go through some very tasty riffs as well as some very destructive drum tones that breach the ears and hit straight for the brain. Honestly, I really feel what this band is doing and what kind of idea they were set to go with while being able to mix things up every so often with the rest of the record, though it can be said that this is pure on Death Metal at its best showing the modern era that there are still bands wanting to bring this music to the people who want it and honestly folks I want it!

As we go through the record it is obvious to see that these guys mean business, and know what they want out of their sound. This shows how passionate these guys have been in the recording process of this record showing that their ideas are worth listening to as well as the animalistic urge to tear through flesh and bring the corpse to life kind of vibe, it is aggression at it's best show casing some brutal punches and terrific blood spilling bone splitting tones to life in songs such as "High Voltage Castration" and "Messiah Complex".

10 / 10


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"Dust Of Experience" Track-listing:

1. Created To Kill
2. Relentless Reprisal
3. High Voltage Castration
4. Maruta
5. Cellar Goreatory
6. Messiah Complex
7. Nyctophillia
8. Dust of Existence

Display Of Decay Lineup:

Jessy Leduc - Vocals
Sean Watson - Lead Guitars
Jeremy Puffer - Rhythm Guitars
Jacob Maisonneuve - Bass
Avery Desmarais - Drums

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