Existential Dead


The quartet, DISPARANGER, are from Brooklyn, New York and are bringing a fresh sound to […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
June 3, 2019
Disparager - Existential Dead album cover

The quartet, DISPARANGER, are from Brooklyn, New York and are bringing a fresh sound to the Metal scene. Their mesmerizing sound is melodic, heavy, urgent, atmospheric, and beautiful. Their new LP, "Existential Dread," released May, 3 2019, is a vortex of raw human emotion. While their music channels sorrow, anguish, and punishing sadness, the band brings you back to the calm white light and makes the entire experience beautiful. As vocalist Christopher AhKao explains, "This record is about pain, meaninglessness, existential dread, perseverance, and spiritual peace. This record is something that I have made, drawn from my own personal experiences, from my point of view, very steeped in my identity and sense of self. I give this record to you, that my story may be heard, or understood, or remembered."

"Prelude" is just that. It is a two and half minute instrumental with harmonic vocals. The melody seems to ease you into the album. It is followed by "Promise (I've Already Surrendered)".  The second song of the album more dominating than the first. The crushing guitars remind me of THE DEFTONES. Although the vocals are heavier and more crude, the music itself is almost a mirror image.  The title song, "Existential Dread" brings some heavier drums along with guitars that are almost a Metal-core sound. As the clean vocals come crashing in, the sound seems to evolve and become atmospheric. The track is just under eight and half minutes long, but it is an encapsulating journey to ride through. The transitions between the musical parts meld together smoothly, even as Christopher AhKao screams "Who am I really, Will you remember me, Who am I, Who am I, Really?" The song is a monster ballad that deserves a listen to any willing ears.

"Fall" is just past our mid-point of the album and you can find the video below. The song itself is more mellow than the previous tracks and brings AhKao's vocal talents upfront. From the cleans and the screams, he captures your heart and emotions with his lyrics. The video is an artistic display within itself. "Spiders Across The Stars" precedes the last song of the album. It seems more of the second half is more melodic and soft. This is probably the most mellow of all songs here, and the harmonics of the band flow well with the clean and soft vocals. "The Time Will Come For All Of Us" is the final track and I mention it because it is another colossal song at just under eight minutes.  The beginning is a pounder before the song begins to flow into the soft tones we have already heard. The melodies harmonize really well with AhKao's soft vocals as always.  I only wish he would have kept the vocal tone the same throughout the entire song. His screams feel a little off-center in some parts, but the song is still a beautiful creation.

DISPARAGER have created an album reminiscent of the Nu-Metal scene. At least that how I hear it. The music is down-tuned heavy and holds beautiful melodies and great harmonization. The lyrics are fueled with emotion and brings some wonderful soft undertones to the music the band has created. They remind me a lot of THE DEFTONES and FLAW with the way the atmosphere of the music seems to change through each song but are able to utilize their talents to create something unique.

8 / 10









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"Existential Dead" Track-listing:

1. Prelude
2. Promise (I've Already Surrendered)
3. Couldn't Tie You Down
4. Existential Dread
5. Bring Me To Bellevue
6. Fall
7. Fire
8. Never Alone
9. Spiders Across The Stars
10. The Time Will Come For All of Us

Disparager Lineup:

Christopher AhKao - guitar, vocals
Jason Kim - guitar
Collin Stables - bass
Marcus James - drums

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