Human Cattle


DISOWNING is a multinational Death Metal band with members from France and Canada. They have […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
June 30, 2019
Disowning - Human Cattle album cover

DISOWNING is a multinational Death Metal band with members from France and Canada. They have released their very first full length album "Human Cattle" and let me tell you that you are in for a treat. This band steps up to the plate as being a force to be reckoned with. With Jesus on vocals, Peb and Jérôme Tourinan on guitars, Maxime Pironnet on drums and Adrien Dieu on bass. These guys are masters of their craft and I guarantee they worked very hard on this amazing album.

We start off with the song "Ghost Area" and holy fuck is this great. The gutterals are on point as well as the other musicians. This song really hits a spot in the Death Metal area of my heart. It reminds me of HATE ETERNAL quite a bit but if they were a little more aggressive and more guitar oriented rather than drums. This song kicks all the ass. "Battle of Neverness" definitely reminds me of BLOODBATH a whole lot. There's something about the guitars that just makes me think of them. This song has it all as far as a straightforward Death Metal song goes.

"Another Piece in My Collection" definitely lays it all on the table for you to soak in. This song is so fucking metal it may just give me some sort of poisoning. I love the fact that it is as brutal as it is yet can sound so melodic at the same time. "Intoxicated by This Illusion" is another banger. It makes me want to get up and start a war with everyone around me. Maybe even drive my car off a cliff just for kicks. The song even has a bit of an old school feel to it. I highly recommend this one.

"Suffocated by My Walls" is another that just shreds your face off while force feeding it to you. So far this album is top notch and fills any void you had that lacked extremely well written metal. If you want to see what's in store for you on the whole album I think you should listen to this one first. "The Servants of Chaos" starts off as hard as they come. This track is astonishing and will have your jaw laying on the floor. The riff alone is completely worth the listen. It may be one of the best songs on the album but we will have to wait and see what else it has in store for us.

"Inner Emptiness" is absolutely amazing and it's like a swift kick to the balls with steel toed boots. The song is groovy as well as brutal which makes this metalhead very very happy. This will be in my top three favorite songs for sure. "Alone on This Dark Path" is another brilliantly written song. I have a feeling that there isn't going to be a bad song on this album at all. Every track stands out to me and that's hard to do and not become repetitive.

"Human Cattle" is the second to last song and one of the best as well. I think the vocals actually got deeper than in the previous songs. It could just be me but this song is hard as fuck. I am very pleased with this album and am really happy that I requested it. The final song is "The Storm Before the Storm" which is another that will melt your face off. They may have saved the best for last but I really can't tell because they are all so perfect. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to write a perfect album, but they have definitely achieved just that. Great job guys, jeep up the amazing work!

10 / 10









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"Human Cattle" Track-listing:

1. Ghost Area
2. Battle of Neverness
3. Another Piece in My Collection
4. Intoxicated by This Illusion
5. Suffocated by My Walls
6. The Servants of Chaos
7. Inner Emptiness
8. Alone on This Dark Path
9. Human Cattle
10. The Storm Before the Storm

Disowning Lineup:

Adrien Dieu - Bass
Maxime Pironnet - Drums
Jérôme Tourinan - Guitars
Peb - Guitars
Jesus - Vocals

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