Battle of Neveness


DISOWNING are a Death Metal band that contain aspects of both Brutal Death and Progressive […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
November 24, 2018
Disowning - Battle of Neverness album cover

DISOWNING are a Death Metal band that contain aspects of both Brutal Death and Progressive Metal elements as well.  Despite these mixtures, none of the songs presented on this EP come off as tired, quirky, or too modern sounding.  Their talent simply shines through along with their tight song writing skills; basically its old school brutality played hard, and played well, by musicians who really know what they are doing.  Their focused enough to incorporate virtuoso elements but not too full of themselves to throw it in your face.

The opening track,, "Battle of Neverness," starts out slow and crushing, with the bass being the standout as it pops and kicks behind the riffs.  The song speeds up as it goes along, especially Maxime's drums-he compliments the riffs very well and the two usually match well enough for a very focused and cohesive sound. Drums and Adriend's bass definitely contain a progressive style to them, one that heightens the urgency of the song. Peb and Jerome's guitars also skirt the line between traditional Death Metal riffs and flashy Prog moments but the well textured production and JESUS' extremely brutal vocal attack keeps everything subterranean dark.

The band doesn't always step out of the box; sometimes they just want to pulverize and destroy. "Inner Emptiness," is such a track that just straight up rips everything apart in under four minutes.  It is the middle track of the album, and well placed, because it lets us see the band cut lose in a more classic way. "The Storm Before The Storm," is a track that is made up of many thick, meaty riffs and reminds me a lot of SUFFOCATION in terms of the density and intensity of the guitar.   The riffs seem to take on a life of their own, especially after the guitar solo. The final track, "Human Cattle," is another blazing track.  At 2:56 in length it is the shortest and most intense one but doesn't any shortage of stellar musicianship especially the riffs in between the guttarl lyrical passages.

Considering this is an EP made up of mostly demos, the band has certainly released an impressive five track compilation of hungry Death Metal with some excellent Prog elements. You could definitely do worse than picking this one up, especially if you like your music brutal but are not quite ready to go full Prog just yet.

8 / 10









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"Battle of Neveness" Track-listing:

1. Battle of Neverness
2. Another Piece In My Collection
3. Inner Emptiness
4. The Storm Before The Storm
5. Human Cattle

Disowning Lineup:

Jesus "The Butcher" - Vocals
Peb - Guitars
Jerome Tourinan - Guitars
Adriend Dieu - Bass
Maxime Pironnet - Drums

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