Disciples of the Void

Disciples of the Void

While the pioneers of second-wave black metal went expanding musical approaches from pure black metal […]
January 1, 2019
Disciples of the Void - Disciples of the Void album cover

While the pioneers of second-wave black metal went expanding musical approaches from pure black metal to different variations of metal music, Finnish black metal duo DISCIPLES OF THE VOID wanted to create black metal the way it was back in the mid '90s. "The idea behind this project is not to come up with something new and different, but instead perform Black Metal the way it was at first when we discovered it and the way it was at its best," says the band. In order to enter the black metal scene in the purest way possible, Disciples of the Void's founding members have chosen to remain nameless, thus leaving the image as a secondary thing and putting the music as their top priority. Anonymity also supports their lyrical themes, which deal with nihilism, death, and emptiness. This is their debut album and contains nine tracks.

"Ad Gloriam Invictus Satana" leads the album off, with ominous, marching drums and background ambiance that would scare the socks off your Aunt Connie. The vocals are deep and dark, segueing into "Dominion," which is a harrowing track of thick guitars and vocal screams that would wake the dead. It's pretty traditional in scope but lacking not in energy or passion. "The Apocalypse Reign" is a fast-moving song with a lot of pep, and angry, raging vocals. It has that infamous wall of sound built from the guitars, but the vocals are the real hero here.

"Enter the Void" is a short, one-minute mood setting piece, and it sounds exactly as it is titled, with soft whispered vocals and ultra-low sounds. "Per Aspera ad Noctem" is four minutes of punishing fury, with thunderous drumming and some harmonized lead guitars. From there is stays in the depths of Hell, with an energy that doesn't quit. "The Harvest" is a three-minute scorcher, leaving a trail of smoke as it burns across the landscape. The deep vocals are some of the deepest I have ever heard. Together with the spoken words, this is some scary stuff. "The Heirs of Wormwood" is over six-minutes in length. The intensity doesn't let up throughout. You can hear multiple screams, one over another, like souls being ripped to shreds despite the pleas from the victims.

"Chronozon" start off slower, and more deliberate, with dissonant fuzzy guitars, leading to a steady rhythm with spoken words that if you listen to long enough, might get inside your head and command you to their bidding. "Home of the Once Grave" is a BATHORY cover, and they did a really nice job here, sticking the original sound but adding in their own theatrics. Overall, I was quite pleased with the level of intensity here and the passion they bring to their craft. It isn't anything overly-original, but man do they performed it with fire and rage. If you are in the mood for an album that will just tear through you and leave you crushed at the end, this is it.

8 / 10









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"Disciples of the Void" Track-listing:

1. Ad Gloriam Invictus Satana
2. Dominion
3. Apocalypse Reign
4. Enter the Void
5. Per Aspera ad Noctem
6. The Harvest
7. The Heirs of Wormwood
8. Chronozon
9. Home of the Once Brave

Disciples of the Void Lineup:

Unknown Line-Up

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