Terror In Dreamland


DISBOSKATOR is an Independent Thrash Metal band from Prato, Italy. DISBOSKATOR have currently released their […]
By Chelsea Jennings
February 8, 2016
Disboskator - Terror In Dreamland album cover

DISBOSKATOR is an Independent Thrash Metal band from Prato, Italy. DISBOSKATOR have currently released their latest EP "Terror In Dreamland" as of July 16th, 2015.

DISBOSKATOR's EP release definitely sets a terrifying setting in the background musically to there being an invasion to the dream land they have created. The EP opens with "Passive Suicide" which begins with a slow trucking drum-bit before launching into song about crucifixions and other nightmarish things that would bring horror to any dreamland that someone may have been previously living in. "Looking For Immortality" is the human's desperate search for something that can save him/her during the times of terror that reign over their lives and their worlds.

"The Impossible New Era" is about how unbelievable this terrifying world we live in has become. It's painted through this track to be some sort of sci-fi movie that the world is now stuck living in. "Terror In The Dreamland" closes the EP with a reflection on the horrific world we are living in today, and the things that are happening to everyone around them, and how they seem to know no way out of this situation. It's the point at which it's realized that humanity is under attack.

DISBOSKATOR have a release here that lasts approximately 20 minutes, and the only critique I have to this piece is that being an EP, that it doesn't last longer, because I was really enjoying this as a listener. The "Terror In Dreamland" is painted in the viewer's head as absolute, abhorrent times where humanity is perishing and is at some sort of crossroads in its existence, and the way technology is going that may be soon the truth. An LP would be the next logical step in the growth of DISBOSKATOR as a mainstay in the Thrash Metal scene, and to hear what additional offerings a full-length has is a very exciting prospect. With heavy, thrashing riffs and vocals that at times sound quiet similar to those of Joey Belladona from ANTHRAX we may have found DISBOSKATOR: the hidden gem of modern 21st-century Italian Thrash Metal as we will know it today!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Terror In Dreamland" Track-listing:

1. Passive Suicide
2. Looking For Immortality
3. The Impossible New Era
4. Terror In Dreamland

Disboskator Lineup:

Edoardo Scali - Vocals & Guitars
Filippo Manannini - Bass
Liziano Valentini - Drums

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