It's been only a year or something since Disbelief released their last album Worst Enemy […]
By Manolis Moundrianakis
March 12, 2002

It's been only a year or something since Disbelief released their last album Worst Enemy which was truly a jewel in the melodic death metal scene. Now here comes their fourth album, Shine, a proof that a band such as this is capable of composing and not throwing some riffs together in order to make money.
When I first got Shine I said to my self what I mentioned in the beginning:What the hell!?! But its been only a fuckin' year!!  But these guys really know their stuff! They manage to combine brutality with melancholy...Its as if these two completely different things are fighting with each other in order to prevail but instead they manage to maintain a perfect balance. If I were to compare Shine with  Worst Enemy I would say that this one is a bit softer but what the hell! It still is a great album. I actually lived every moment of this cd, plunged my self to each and every song and traveled to the world of despair, sadness and violence, Talking about the darkest feelings and thoughts!!! Also the presence of a weird, sick atmosphere that rises from within the songs enabled my journey to be faster and more intense.
Another thing that characterizes this album is its groovy mid-tempo, no blast beats here, just cool heavy shit! The production hasn't changed much comparing with Worst Enemy. Shine has the same good old noisy guitars, though the lead parts seem to fall behind in some parts of this album. Other than that the music is clearly heard. These kinds of bands really deserve the perfect kind of production.
Well metal freaks the choice is yours, you either buy the cd and enjoy every moment of it, or just wait for an album that has a better promotion than this one (this goes out to the people who tend to buy cds according to their popularity).

8 / 10


"Shine" Track-listing:

No Control
The Decline
Me and my world
Honour Killings
Falling without reason
Mad sick mankind

Disbelief Lineup:

Karsten Jäger - Vocals
Jochen Trunk - Bass
Jan Dirk Löffler - Guitars
Oliver Lenz - Guitars
Kai Bergerin - Drums and Percussion

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