DISBELIEF is a four piece band from Germany that is releasing the successor to the, […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
May 20, 2007
Disbelief - Navigator album cover

DISBELIEF is a four piece band from Germany that is releasing the successor to the, so far most successful album, 66 SICK that saw the light of the day somewhere in 2005. Although the band counts 15 years in the metal scene they have managed to put together 7 albums that helped them to progressively build a strong fan base and discover a way to a more personal sound.
        Navigator introduces ton-heavy low-tuned guitars and a deep death growl that literally grab the listener by the balls.  Karsten Jagger Jager has done a great work in the vocals that are far from being flat nor predictable adding some more points towards music diversity. Next, is the headbanger When Silence Is Broken that comes with a solid rhythm section and some really catchy chorus lines to top things off. Things get a little bit slower and heavier as soon as The One takes over the CD speakers. There are some clean vocals here, that enhance the audio contrast created by the tempo changes building a real evil atmosphere. The Thought Product returns to a more classic Death Metal sound with intense guitar shredding while the mid-tempo Between Red Lines adds a twist of melody with some guitar arpeggios. As soon as It's Simply There kicks in, some complaints regarding the production arise regarding the drums and especially the drum pedal that bears an almost annoying flat sound. After leaving behind the minor sound issues, we find some more melodic lines in Falling Down and the strong Doom Metal foundations of the depressive track Passenger. You can feel the anger flowing through another impressive vocal performance in the next solid track Selected. The dark and evil atmosphere created by the last album track Sacrifice comes to prove that DISBELIEF have really worked their butts out and formed a personal sound and style.
   Without any doubt DISBELIEF have managed to create an impressive album that comprises strong Death Metal roots; their fresh and original ideas come to remind us that Chuck Schuldiner's exploration of the Death Metal territory with the legendary band DEATH was just the beginning. Actually, there is much to discover yet; so get onboard the ship with DISBELIEF in the role of the Navigator.

8 / 10


"Navigator" Track-listing:

When Silence Is Broken
The One
The Thought Product
Between Red Lines
It's Simply There
Falling Down

Disbelief Lineup:

Karsten Jagger Joger - Vocals    
Kai Bergerin - Drums
Thomas Tommi Fritsch - Guitar  
Jochen Joe Trunk - Bass

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