Fragments Of D-Generation

Disarmonia Mundi

Melodic Death Metal, the Italian way. This was the first thing that came to my […]
By Fotis Giakob
May 26, 2004
Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of D-Generation album cover

Melodic Death Metal, the Italian way. This was the first thing that came to my mind while listening to Disarmonia Mundi's first label record with the catchy title "Fragments of D-Generation. First official album was "Nebularium which was published in 2000 and it was self financed.
Few know though that under this Disarmonia Mundi album we find Soilwork's singer Bjorn Strid doing all death vocals as a guest musician. Yeah, I thought the voice was too familiar to be ignored and I was really concerned about it. Want to know why? Read on..
t's inevitable not to compare Disarmonia Mundi with Soilwork. The voice is the same, the style too. BUT , Disarmonia Mundi really focus on creating something that stands out at first and tries to be unique in the end. DM's sound is a true child of the Swedish Death Metal sound. Fast paced, with lots of different rhythm sections, the Melodic Death Metal trademark "pause on guitars. So far nothing out of the ordinary but you are in for some quite interesting surprises. DM's unique elements start with the electronic samples and the dual vocals. Electronic samples really add to the songs a strange twist and a futuristic sound instead of making them too funky or too electronic and dual vocals -mainly being performed by Bjorn Strid and backing/clean by Claudio Ravinale and Ettore Rigotti - are really something innovative when they are being performed with success like in "Fragments....
The sad part of this album is that in it's 46 minute duration you can hardly define a specific song as the hit song. I can tell you lots of good songs like the opener "Common State Of Inner Violence and "Come Forth My Dreadful One which has a really good, clean voice section on the chorus, but the final feeling is that you don't remember anything that was surprisingly good.
"Fragments... is superb in it's genre, really good guitar work from Ettore Rigotti - who is also responsible for the drums -, I've mentioned how good the electronic samples sound and I also can't say anything bad about Bjorn's vocals, his career with Soilwork really speaks for itself. DM really need to stop repeating themselves so much in a single album and I hope they'll improvise more in their next album.
Concluding, Disarmonia Mundi's "Fragments Of D-Generations is pure Melodic Death at it's finest with some nice twists. Lovers of the genre will really enjoy it and Bjorn Strid's appearance on the record is really a must-listen. "Fragments... is good record and really a nice start for a young group like DM, which I hope that they'll find their own sound in their next album. And I'm pretty sure we will hear news from them in the future!

7 / 10


"Fragments Of D-Generation" Track-listing:

Common State Of Inner Violence
Morgue Of Centuries
Red Clouds
Quicksand Symmetry
Swallow The Flames
A Mirror Behind
Come Forth My Dreadful One
Shattered Lives And Broken Dreams
Colors Of A New Era

Disarmonia Mundi Lineup:

Bjorn Strid - Vocals
Ettore Rigotti - Guitars, Drums, Clean Vocals & Keys
Claudio Ravinale - Lyrics & Backing Vocals
Mirco Andreis - Bass

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